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About Us: College of Engineering: 100th Anniversary

In 1909, Nebraska's state legislature established the College of Engineering by House Roll No. 76 (Kotouc bill), making it an independent college from Industrial College and the agricultural department. So even though engineering classes were first offered in 1877, we're celebrating our 100th anniversary as a unique college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For our centennial year, we offer a look back to our history at the University of Nebraska, from our first engineering graduate in 1882, the first E-Week in 1913, the "engineering and law school feuds" of the 1920s, our merger with the engineering program in Omaha in the early 1970s, and our new facilities at The Peter Kiewit Institute and Othmer Hall. It's a grand history of innovation and advances, involving so many students, faculty, staff and friends to help Nebraska Engineering grow and succeed. We invite you to enjoy our historical timeline, as well as share your own memories/recollections and photos for others to see and remember.


From our first major equipment ever - a 2,000-pound cement mixer and some surveying instruments - to watching our current students conduct research while floating in zero gravity, we've come a long way.

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