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"BUILDING THE 22nd CENTURY" conference spacer Omaha / Lincoln, Nebraska, Oct. 14-16, 2013
Century Link Convention Center, Omaha

As of 10-10-13, registration for the conference is still available, onsite only. If interested in attending, you will be registered at the conference/session at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha.


By the beginning of the 22nd century, the global population will rise to 15-20 billion people. Existing natural resources will be increasingly depleted. The vast majority of the world's population will be living in megacities. What will these cities look like? What questions can we ask now to be prepared for a future with unimaginable discoveries and issues.

Future built environment scenarios must consider refuge and infrastructure, which will be influenced by social, political, food and global factors. This conference will feature experts in a diverse variety of fields, from engineering and architecture to futurists, urban planning, transportation and other vital areas.

Together with the conference participants, we will discuss their visions for possible 22nd century built environments, as well as the implications and future actions to deal with these demands.

Join members of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, area industry representatives, and national and international experts as we seek to begin creating a thoughtful vision of the 22nd century built environment.

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The “Building the 22nd Century” Conference is designed to qualify for 14.5 actual hours of continuing education for licensed architects and professional engineers. Completion certificates will be provided for all registered attendees.


Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support of the conference:

University of Nebraska / University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Abel Foundation

Abel Foundation

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