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Italy 2012: Brian Grieb

Italy Trip Day 1: Travel and Rome

Cam and I took off at about 1:30pm out of Omaha to Charlotte, NC. The flight made it on time and we made it to our connecting flight to Rome. On the flight, watched a movie (rise of the planet of the apes) and then slept for a few hours. couldn’t sleep anymore but just kinda rested. The plane ride was about 9 hours and 15 minutes. Towards the end of the flight, we planned what we needed to get done once we got to Rome. We found another kid on our plane that was in our group so we invited him to take the taxi with us. Our bags took forever to get out but we got them, found a taxi, and made it to our hotel. We have a small room with 4 beds in it, a small closet, and a bathroom with a shower. There seems to be an AC unit, but it doesn’t work. After checking in, we went out and ate and walked around some. The pantheon was AMAZING, I’ve been to Italy before, but never to the Pantheon and it was really really cool. Our hotel is in the center of the city so that’s useful. After that it was about 2 pm and we were tired so we came back and took a nap until about 5:30. We met up as a group at 6 and went to dinner. After that we walked some more and got gelato, which was as delicious as I remember. We got some water at the supermarket after gelato. Now I’m back at the hotel using internet before bed. Our group seems fun. There are definitely a lot of different people. Time for bed.

Italy Trip Day 2: Rome

So today started bright and early at 7:30am for breakfast. We had cereal that I added sugar to and then pre made toast with jam and then some sort of sweet roll and grapefruit juice to drink. After, we set off and walked to the Colosseum. Probably one of my favorite things. I just think its one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen from the outside and inside. So we walked around there for around 2 hours. Went on both levels and walked all the way around. It was just awesome, Cam and I just sat there for a while and were like, “You know it doesn’t get much better than this, hanging out at the Colosseum.” Then we walked outside and saw the Arc of Constantine which was also really cool. Essentially every time a ruler won a war, they had a huge elaborate arc built for them with amazing carvings and words to symbolize their win and dominance. Then we walked over to Palatine and the Roman Forum, which essentially is all the ruins of ancient Rome. It also included this huge myth or story about how Rome came to be. It was about two brothers Remus and Romulus and how they were next in line to the throne so their uncle wanted to kill them but they escaped because of the river god and then taken care of/raised by a she wolf. Then Romulus killed his brother and became the first ruler hence why it was called Rome. Weird story, if it were me I would have made up something a little more cooler. But Palatine was all about ancient Rome and had a lot of gardens, it was supposed to be the birthplace or Rome. Then we went over to the Roman Forum. which in its prime looked amazing but now its just all gone for the most part. It takes a bit of imagination to see what used to be. It was really hot out today. Might have gotten a little burned but not too bad. It was a lot of walking, I was really tired by the end of it. Then we went to the Capital Museum which had a lot of the old statues, sculptures, manuscripts, paintings, etc. The rooms that the things were in were really cool too, just the architecture, colors, and the ceiling. So that was neat, but by far the best thing we saw was the Colosseum on today’s tour. After that we walked back, I sent some messages, showered, skyped home, and took a nap before dinner at 8. We had a good sized meal with bread with tomatoes to start, then pasta in a butter sauce, followed by some beef and mushrooms, potatoes, peas and carrots, bread, salad, etc. That was the main course. It was actually really good. We also had dessert which was like a cream puff with chocolate pudding. It was also delicious. Then Cam and a few other guys walked back to the hotel and rested for a bit before we walked over to the Trevi Fountain. I led the way and found it and got back with no problem. It was awesome, another one of my favorite sights. It’s just surreal, especially at night. We stood facing away from it and threw a coin over our head. That is what you do there, means you’re going to be back someday, it worked the last time. On our way over there we got some more gelato, it was amazing once again. Then we just walked back. I’m writing this now then I have to prepare a little bit for tomorrow. We’re going to the Vatican and I present on the Sistine Chapel.

Italy Trip Day 3: Rome

So today started the same as yesterday, bright and early at 7:30 with the same breakfast. We left and walked to the Vatican which was quite the walk but so worth it. We started with St. Peter’s Basilica. Its just so huge and so impressive. I mean its almost interesting to think that this is the church but it was built because there was a catholic ruler at the time. Everything is just amazing inside. The church is shaped like a cross but could probably fit St. Thomas Aquinas in Lincoln in it about 50+ times. We only spent a short time there. Then we came out and went into the Vatican Museum. It was just rooms and rooms of sculptures, paintings, and just all kinds art. The Sistine Chapel is at the very end, took well over an hour to get through everything to get to Sistine but the art in the meantime is still amazing. Rafael has some oh his most famous paintings in there that you always see in our theology books so that was really cool again. The Sistine chapel was amazing as expected. Its just soooo much to take in, the guards were yelling at people at first but then they chilled down so I took some pictures. It was amazing. One of my favorite parts of Rome. I mean, some of the other structures could be recreated and built again today, like St. Peter’s Basilica could be done again with the right amount of money, but the fresco paintings in the Sistine Chapel are one of a kind and simply amazing. Michelangelo’s work cannot be redone. After that, we had a nice lunch. Had some pizza with prosciutto, it was delicious. Then we went to the Castle de St. Angelo. It was pretty cool, the views were the best part, you could see the whole city so I took some panorama pictures. Then we walked back. I wanted to go back to the Vatican so me and 2 other people walked back and went back in to St. Peter’s Basilica when it was more calm, no time limit. Got to walk around at our own pace. Actually went and prayed in the area dedicated to Pope John Paul II (which I think was above his tomb) so that was really nice. Then we walked back and I went to dinner with a group of people, it was delicious. I had half a pizza and half a pasta and pesto and some tiramisu for dessert. Best dinner thus far. So it was a good night. It was good to talk with/get to know the other people. Then we walked back to the Trevi Fountain and met some kids who were from Wayne State in Nebraska so that was kinda cool and then some others who were from various universities in Virginia. So we talked to them a bit and then walked back to our hotel. Now I’m just finishing up the journal for the day and going to go to bed.

Italy Trip Day 4: Rome

Today started a little later at 8:20 but that still felt really early. We started at the pantheon and that was cool, I went there the first day but it was just as cool this time. Did a little sketch of it, I’m not the best artist, but I think it turned out pretty good ha. Then we walked around and went to some ruins where Caesar was stabbed to death so that was kinda cool. there were a bunch of cats living there so that was kinda fun. Then we walked to the Campo de Fiori which was the outside market. Didn’t spend much time there, then we walked to the Piazza Novella, we went there a few times in the past 2 days. It has the 3 fountains in it and is in Angels and Demons. Then we walked over to the Trevi Fountain but didn’t really look at it because it was really busy and we had all seen it. Then we walked to the Spanish Steps, I hadn’t seen them before but to be honest, I didn’t like it as much as I hoped to. They were cool but nothing in comparison to the other things we’ve seen. It was in a really nice district that had all the designer brand stores. So we walked through there to the Piazza de Popolo and that was cool. There was a really good opera singer just singing to get money. He was good. Then we went to the da Vinci museum, which essentially was a bunch of his inventions that they built today from his ideas that he drew in the past. So that was alright, but not overly impressive. Then we walked back and it was a really long walk. My ankles did not appreciate it. Then we ate lunch and rested for a while, we went to a church later in the day. Outside the church looked just white and bland. Nothing too special, but then you go inside and it’s amazing. Full of paintings, and sculptures, and just amazing. It was pretty big too, not as big as St. Peters Basilica but only one other church in the world is. After that we came back to the hotel. I showered and napped and then went to mass at 6 at that same huge church. it was called Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica, it was beautiful. It was really crazy to be able to go there for a Sunday mass. It must seem normal to the local Italians to have these huge and elaborate places to go to weekly or daily mass, but to me it was just amazing. The mass was all in Italian but I understood the flow of it for the most part. Then we got back and hung around a bit before dinner. For dinner we walked around and found a place. I had potato pasta called Gnocchi with a 4 cheese sauce. It was a fine dinner. After, we walked back and got some gelato and that’s it for the night.

Italy Trip Day 5: Rome

Today started with a scavenger hunt. We had a list of clues that described places that we visited over the previous 4 days in Rome. My group was my 3 roommates and myself. other teams ran but we walked, mostly because my ankle was hurting. It was nice though, we walked all around, took pictures of all the sites that were clues, and since we didn’t care about time we decided to take pictures of every “SPQR” that we saw between the Colosseum and Trajan’s Column. SPQR are letters that represented old Rome and you see them all over Italy today. A lot of the trash cans and plates that cover man holes and stuff on the sidewalk was marked with it. Earlier in the week we had a game that we had to count every one that we could find so our group decided to take pictures of all of them. Then when we got to the column our group posed as S, P, Q, R in front of the column. It was pretty fun. e came back and were the last group I think but we got extra credit for taking 101 pictures of SPQR and posing. Then we were free for the rest of the day, this was about 10 am. So a group of us decided to go to the local market and get fresh food to eat because we were going to walk back to St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. I got a sandwich, it was alright. But i also got fresh fruit and it was amazing. So we walked to the Vatican and climbed up to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, it was phenomenal. The climb was a bit intimidating. The walls started to curve in and the staircases were really narrow but the view from the top was worth it. This killed my ankles but when in Rome, right? After that we came back and I rested for a while before dinner. Dinner was alright, but it seemed like a very touristy place. We came back and a group of us and watched angels and demons. It was a great way to end another great day.

Italy Trip Day 6: Rome

We woke up and walked to the university in Rome this morning. It was called Sapienza Universita di Roma. We started in the engineering building and heard a few presentations from staff working on projects and research. These were interesting but did not apply to my major. Then we toured a church that had a sculpture by Michelangelo. Churches here are just amazing, they’re huge and contain so much decoration and are almost all made of some sort of stone with really tall ceilings. After we had lunch, it wasn’t very much to eat. I’m looking forward to dinner because we’re going back to a place by Trevi Fountain that we went to earlier in the week and it had the best food so far on the trip. After lunch, we got on the metro and went to the main campus. It was interesting, we walked around and people just stared at us which was odd but understandable. The campus was kinda cool, it had some big buildings and some actual grass which was a rarity in Rome. It had been a while since I’ve seen some green. Students were everywhere sitting outside on the grass. The college had over 145,000 students currently going there. That number blew my mind. After the tour we took the metro back to the Colosseum and walked back to the hotel. My ankle was worse today, I’m hoping to find a solution to that sometime soon. After we got back i rested and showered and went to dinner. It was just as good the second time at the same place. We walked back to Trevi after for a little while and then got some gelato and then walked to the Colosseum to see it at night. It was really cool, it was a great day.

Italy Trip Day 7: Rome to Florence

Today we got up and taxied to the train station to catch a train to Florence. I had my first McDonalds this trip at the train station. It was delicious. We lost a few people for a while at the train station so that was a good adventure. We found them and made it to Florence. I read Mockingjay on the way. We got there, walked forever to our hotel. It’s bigger than the last one but about just as unpleasant. Cam and I have a room together. Our bathroom literally has a shower head in the wall right next to the toilet with no curtain around it. So that was quite the eye opener. After we settled in, we went to the Galileo museum and saw a bunch of neat science experiments and ideas that he had. That was actually pretty cool seeing all of his physics ideas and the tests that he did. He had a mind way ahead of his time. Then we walked to see Brunelleschi’s Dome. It’s a huge dome in Florence that Michelangelo used to design the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica. So climbing that didn’t help my ankle, but it was worth it. The views were awesome, Florence is a beautiful city from above. Oh also our hotel is 7 stories and the top story has a terrace that anyone can go out and sit on and it overlooks the city, I gotta admit, it’s pretty cool. Then we went out for dinner, came back and watched a movie as I elevated and iced my ankle.

Italy Trip Day 8: Florence

Today started early at 7:30, we walked to the Piazza Michelangelo. It’s way up on a hill, the stairs and walk is horrible but the view is the best in Florence. I really liked the view from the top of the dome but you have to walk around it to see different views but this looked out over th entire city and you could see the dome really well. I took a few really good panoramic shots. Then we walked to Stana Croce which was a Gothic Style church kind of centered around St. Frances of Assisi. But, this church is famous because it contains the tombs of many famous people. The highlights are Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli. I really liked it. I think it’s cool that those brilliant people were all around me. After that we walked to two other churches where we were not allowed to take any pictures, they were still really cool, but it was unfortunate that they did not let us take photos. There were Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo. After, we walked back and rested. I iced my ankles and it helped a lot. I went to the supermarket and bought some frozen pasta with tomato sauce and used it as an ice pack ha. It worked really well and after it was over, a few hours later I could see an ankle peaking again and part of my foot. I’m going to try to ice/rest them more tonight. After that I took a short nap and a shower before we had a group dinner. We went up on the terrace overlooking the city and had bread with ham and salami and some cheeses. Then some olives, strawberries, and cherries. Then for dessert we had some sweet almond bread. It was a good dinner. Then we walked all the way back up to the piazza Michelangelo that is way up on a hill to watch the sunset over the mountains. It was really cool. Tonight we’re back watching a movie about Florence and the famous people of the city. After, we just hung out before bed.

Italy Trip Day 9: Florence

The day started at Bargello, it was a museum with a lot of old statues and artifacts. The most famous was the statue of David made of Bronze by da Vinci. Next we went to Academia which contains the real statue of David by Michelangelo and some of his other unfinished works. David was awesome, larger than life, perfect in so many ways. Probably one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine the amount of work and design that it took to carve a perfect man out of a 20 foot block of marble. The rest of the museum was also cool. There were some old instruments and also a big bowl of water with large handles on each side that you rub at a constant speed and the reverberations create a loud tone and vibration that make the water ripple. Finally, there were a lot of heads of statues from Florence, but nothing could quite compare to David. After we had a break before going to Uffizi. This was another museum with a bunch of famous art and paintings. It was also really cool, spent about 2 hours there. Then we came back to the hotel and rested a bit before one of Cam and my best friends Paul got into town to visit. He is also studying abroad for the semester. We went and had a nice dinner with him and some other people from the group and then just walked around for the rest of the night until bedtime.

Italy Trip Day 10: Florence/Maranello (free day 1)

Today was our first free day. Cam, Paul, and I got up and caught a train to Modena and a taxi to Maranello to go to the Ferrari Museum. We took the factory and track tour. The track was closed and the factory portion consisted of seeing the outside of buildings so that wasn’t very worth it. The museum, however, although not extremely big, was awesome. There were some really nice cars and some of their winning F1 cars. Favorites was an Enzo and a 458 Italia. We got a lot of pictures with some rare Ferrari’s. As soon as you get to the museum, people from different companies crowd around you and ask if you want to drive a Ferrari. You had to pay between 80 and 150 euro to drive them for only 10 minutes. It wasn’t worth it, but we walked over to one of the places and just watched the cars go in and out and took pictures and videos. They also had a Lamborghini there that you could drive, I was extremely tempted because I love those cars but I didn’t want to pay that much. After we took a train back, had a burger for dinner, it was a delicious change. Also, we went and got some gelato and waited for Paul to get back, he went to watch the soccer game after dinner. Then just hung out until bed. Talked and said goodbyes to Paul since we won’t see him until mid July when his semester is over.

Italy Trip Day 11: Florence to Milan

We got up early today and got on a train to Milan. We took the metro to get closer to our hotel and walked seemingly forever to get to our hotel. We stayed at a hostel. The accommodations were okay. There were 6 people in my room and bunk beds. The hostel did have wifi though, and a kitchen that we could use which was really nice. We then walked to the Galleria which was a big covered shopping area with nice stores and extremely extravagant. We had some lunch and then climbed the Duomo right in the main plaza. The top was really cool, the architecture was crazy, the outside reminded me of the La Granada Familia in Spain in the sense that it had a lot of carvings and just endless work and tall towers. It was a very rainy day so that was unfortunate it was not the best day to be high up on top of the Duomo. Afterwards, we passed though the Castello Sforzesco on our way to the Pinacoteca Ambrossa. The Ambrossa was an art museum that was easily my favorite part of the day. It is known to have a lot of da Vinci items, but I didn’t make it through the da Vinci section because I ran out of time. I did spend a lot of time looking at Rafael’s rough initial sketch of his School of Athens painting that is in the Vatican. This was an initial sketch that he did before that contained all the great minds of the time and it was interesting to see the changes and additions that he made such as adding Michelangelo and himself to the final painting. Also, you could literally get less than an inch away from the sketch and you could see how Rafael poked holes into the material to get a general idea of where the forms of all the figures would be. The sketch/painting is so large that it’s amazing how he got all of it to create such a large and seemingly perfect painting. I really enjoyed that. After we got tired and went and got pizza and gelato and spent the rest of the night resting.

Italy Trip Day 12: Milan/Venice (free day 2)

Today we got up early and took a high speed train to Venice. It was raining again today, which kinda made it not as fun to be there but I still love the city of Venice. We got off the train and took the water taxi to St. Mark’s Square. We had some lunch, overall the lunch wasn’t very good and it was expensive, so that was an unfortunate part of the trip. After, we went to a gelato place that I remembered going to 5 years before, it was as good as I remember. Then we walked around St. Mark’s Square, went inside for a bit and then wondered around Venice. We had a map that was ruined from the rain by the end of the walk back to the train station. But on the way back we walked across the Rialto bridge and stopped by various stores. I had my first cannoli in Italy, we walked past a bakery and the smell was amazing so we had to stop in. We got a little lost on the way back to the train station, but we managed to make it back to catch a slow train back at around 5 pm. The train took forever; there were multiple stops and just overall exhausting. When we got back a group of us was tired and decided to just grab some burger king in the train station. The food was hot, delicious, fast, and cheaper than our meal in Venice. Then we came back to the hostel after getting lost and asking a local for help in Milan and rested for the remainder of the night.

Italy Trip Day 13: Milan

Our schedule did not start today until 3 pm so I slept in and then a group of us walked to the supermarket and bought a bunch of food to make some homemade sandwiches and lunch. It was really good and fairly cheap. The best part was some thick cut potato chips dipped in some pesto sauce. Then we met at 3 to go to the national science and da Vinci museum. This museum was huge. It was the coolest museum that we went to. There were both new and old exhibits. There were a lot of da Vinci inventions and then also some new technology exhibits. There was a really cool exhibit about television and Apple. We didn’t get to see the entire museum because we thought that it closed much later than it did. After we went to a bar and had some dinner. The rest of the night I packed and went out with some of the group. It was a good night.

Italy Trip Day 14: Milan to Ravenna

Today we got up early and took about a 4 hour bus ride to Ravenna. We got in town and toured the city. Before we had lunch at a Kebab place, it was delicious. Probably about the cheapest meal of the trip, but it was really good. We went to the tomb of Dante and then the Basilica Di S. Apollinare Nuovo. It was really cool, the structure seemed to be close to falling apart which many of the AE students were just amazed by. Then we went to the Bisilica Di S. Vitale and the Mausoleo Di Galla Placidia. Those were pretty cool, I did a sketch inside the Basilica. After, we went to the supermarket and got some frozen peas for my ankle. I journaled for awhile and and iced my ankle. After went to dinner at the same place as lunch, got some gelato, and came back to the room. Just hung out the rest of the night and talked with some other people of the group.

Italy Trip Day 15: Ravenna to Pisa to San Gimignano

Today we got up and had a really good breakfast at our hotel in Ravenna. We got on the bus and traveled to Pisa. When we got there we were surrounded by people trying to sell cheap sunglasses and other things. We walked to the main area with the leaning tower, basilica, and baptistery. We first had some free time so we got some lunch at a place that had a view of the tower, it was pricey but delicious. We then walked around, got some standard tourist pictures of holding up the tower and other creative things. We met up with the rest of the group and got to climb up the tower, it really messed with your mind. You go up around in a big spiral up the tower, but each side is a different angle so you can feel the tower tilting when you are walking up the stairs. The top was awesome. You could see the main area really well along with the city and the mountains in the distance. Walking down was just as interesting of a task. Then we went in to the basilica right next to it, it was also really cool. We’ve see a lot of basilicas though, and the tower was the real star of the visit. The baptistery, though, had something unique that we hadn’t seen yet. Although it was very plain inside and out, the acoustics inside were amazing. At one point a man who worked there silenced everyone and sung some notes that echoed and sounded really really cool within the dome. It was a pleasant surprise. We then got back on the bus and drove to San Gimignano. I have to admit, the Tuscany region is unbelievably beautiful. The best views of the trip were both in the Tuscan region in Florence and in San Gimignano. The drive up was amazing and the city itself sits on top of a high hill. We had some free time after we got to the city so a group of us wandered around and found a nice lookout out point that had some great views. We stayed there for awhile but came back to the hotel for a group dinner. Dinner was delicious. We had a risotto first course that was really good, some ravioli for our second course, and some wild boar for the meat course . We had some strawberry flan i think for dessert which was also good. After dinner, I walked around with Cam to window shop some of the knife stores. They were all over the small town. Then we met up with some more of the group and went back to the lookout point we found earlier. It was dark to get to but the view was worth it. We spend the rest of the night up there. Shortly after I got back to the hotel I went to bed.

Italy Trip Day 16: San Gimignano to Paestum

Today I woke up in San Gimignano and had a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Probably the best breakfast of the trip so far. We then went to the civic museum that did not have much, but we got to climb one of the bell towers in the city. This was one of the best views of the trip rivaling Florence. You could see a little town and then miles of green and the beautiful Tuscany region. After we climbed down we went to a medieval torture museum. It had some really interesting and disturbing torture tools. It was interesting to see, and really made you think about how many horrible things the human minds have come up with in history. We had a bit more free time and walked around and had some really good gelato, maybe the best on the trip. Also, in San Gimignano there were multiple random iron statues around the city. They were fairly creepy and were in such random places. Got a good picture with me on one of the statue’s back. Then we got on the bus for a 7 hour bus ride to go to Paestum. We were tired after the ride and got in fairly late. We had a group dinner at the hotel. The dinner was at a Agristurismo which means that the majority of the food came from the property’s farm. It was also known for it’s homemade cheeses especially mozzarella bufala made from buffalo milk. Dinner was amazing. We started with bread, cheese, ham, and some other starters. Then we got some eggplant lasagna followed by pizza. There were three pieces, one zucchini, one margarita, and one with bacon. The margarita was by far my favorite with the bufala cheese. Reminded me of when I had pizza in Naples, which I think is the best pizza in the world. After dinner, I showered and went to bed.

Italy Trip Day 17: Pompeii/Paestum

We got up early and had a delicious breakfast with a bunch of homemade food once again. Then we got on a bus to Pompeii. It was about a 2 hour ride. We picked up some food to eat later for lunch once we got there and then went into the site. Pompeii is an ancient Roman city that was destroyed and preserved by a volcanic explosion of Mt. Vesuvius. In result, you can walk the streets, see the homes, stores, brothels, and more of the ancient city. There were also some pots and other utensils excavated as well as some actual people. It is extremely cool to be able to walk through that place and see how the streets looked that long ago. The only problem with it is that the streets were made of big stones and were so uneven that you had to spend quite a bit of time looking down to ensure that you did not hurt your ankle or trip. This was unfortunate because it took away from being able to look around at all the ruins. Nonetheless, it was really cool and we also found a nice lookout place to do presentations and get some pictures of the ancient city next to the current one with mountains in the background. After, we took the bus back to Pasetum and toured the old Greek Temples that were there when Greece had controlling power over most of Europe. They were thought to be Roman for the longest time but eventually they were proven to be Greek. We then walked through a museum that contained a bunch of artifacts from the excavation. Then we went back to the hotel and had some free time. I went to the pool and a bunch of the guys were playing a water polo sort of game with a soccer ball that our bus driver bought for us. We had 2 teams and it was kind of like arena football in water. It was really fun to play some sport with the group, it got a little aggressive but it was really fun. Possibly one of the best times with the group. Then I cleaned up and went to dinner at the same Agriturismo that we ate at last night at our hotel. This time we had some of the same appetizers: bread with tomatoes, bacon, cheese, bread, and zucchini. Then we had some normal meat and cheese lasagna followed by some meat with more zucchini. For dessert we had some lemon flavored cake with filling. It was another delicious dinner. There were multiple toasts about the trip. After dinner, we walked over all together as a group to sit by the pool and just talked for multiple hours for the rest of the night. It was a great way to end the trip all together, shared stories and some great laughs. Then we went back to our rooms and went to bed for the night.

Italy Trip Day 18: Paestum to Rome (end of trip)

We got up this morning and loaded the bus before breakfast. Breakfast was the same as yesterday with all the same homemade food. Then we got on the bus and started to drive away from the hotel but the bus got stuck. We all had to get out and the guys all pushed the bus out of the mud. There were two huge divots in the ground from where the wheels were but we made it out. I finished up my journaling along the way. We got into Rome after a long drive and back to our same hotel. Checked in and got a room for three. Then went to lunch at the same pizza place that we went to the first day in Rome for lunch. We are meeting with the group at 6 and possibly going to dinner. I am meeting up with family today.


The study abroad trip has sadly come to a close. It was a great time, full of memories and experiences that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.


Brian Grieb

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