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Italy 2012: Jared Ostdiek

During my study abroad experience, I saw much of Italy. Throughout the trip, I learned about architecture and history, soaked in the Italian culture, and gained knowledge about traveling, people, and the world. This information cannot be gained by sitting in a U.S. classroom. It was interesting to compare the differences between the cities we visited. Rome was full of historic buildings and places and was hustle and bustle all of the time. Florence was a beautiful city with a rich history. Milan seemed to be the most modern city that we visited. The trip also included stops at Ravenna, Pisa, San Gimignano, Pompeii, and Paestum – each containing their own unique history and feel.

On the whole, the trip opened my eyes to the world outside of the United States. Though in many ways the same, there are many conveniences that we expect in America that do not exist here. I would like to thank Dr. Erdogmus for putting in the time and effort to plan a well-executed and worthwhile trip. It is an experience that I will hold for the rest of my life.

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