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Italy 2012: Keith Ozanne

For the first day of the trip we all went to the Colosseum and got a brief presentation by Jen.  After we learned more about the history and what it was used for we went off on our own and explored for ourselves.  The Colosseum is absolutely incredible and it might have been my favorite thing all trip!  We had enough time for a quick drawing so I sketched some of the columns and took a bunch of pictures and we left.  Next was the Arch of Constantine , which was my monument to do a presentation on, and we took pictures and proceeded to Palentine Hill.   We had a picnic under one of the trees which was comprised of meats, cheeses, breads, olives and it was delicious! Next we wandered through the old ruins and got an idea of how massive the mansions for the emperors were!  The Roman Forum was next and this was a huge open marketplace where all of the activities for the city would happen.  We saw some remains of old temples and things like that.   It was incredible!  The last thing on our list was to walk through one of the museums filled with ancient sculptures and art and things like that.  Today was a very full day but we saw so much and learned quite a bit!

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