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Turkey 2011

Week Three (July 31 – Aug. 6)

This Sunday, Dr. Hoff took a small group of us up to the ancient city of Selinus. I re-strained my quad muscle at the very beginning of the hike, so it was painful going through the rest of the hike, but it was worth getting to the top. We managed to get to the top of the city at sunset. It provided some awesome pictures.  I also learned that on almost every hilltop in the town, there was an ancient city. A part of me wishes that the US had this type of ancient history.There is nothing like it; knowing that there are ruins thousands of years old everywhere and that you can even hold it in your hand. This is the reason why i can’t wait to be back in that part of the world again.

This week on site was pretty exciting. It was the beginning of the crane work for the season. Dr. Erdogmus was not lying when she said the crane operator could operate a crane, talk on the phone, and smoke a cigarette at the same time. It was fun watching the Turks talk back and forth and work together. Their instincts are really like nothing else. As engineers, we think, but they just have gut feeling and good common sense that make them incredible workers. I also learned that Ahmet (one of the Turkish workers) is superman. I swear, he could win the world’s strongest man competition.

That Saturday, we played soccer again. But this time, the group was a lot smaller, so it was more interesting and involved some more work. However, i once again re-strained my quad muscle. By the end of the game, it definitely hurt to run. But, it was fun playing.

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