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Turkey 2011

Week Two (July 24-July 30)

On Sunday, Dr. Hoff took the group up to the ancient city of Lamos. We literally hiked around the mountain for 3 hours. It was a workout, but totally worth it. The acropolis of the city was incredibly intact and according to Dr. Hoff, probably the most preserved one you will ever see. The view from a distance was breathtaking. It was as if i was looking into history. We got to walk around the top of it also; which, had a gorgeous view from the top.

That week on site we had Joshua Freedland from WJE visit us. I learned a lot from him and he provided information that helped us with one of the projects we were attempting to tackle for the season.

This week we also went down to pirates cove for the second time. This time was really cool because we were the only people down there for the first hour we were there. Pirates cove was really pretty and a lot of fun. It provided decent spots to jump off from into the water. I liked it a lot more than the beach because there wasn’t really any sand, just a hike to and from it.

That Saturday a lot of people were gone to Antayla, so the 9 of us that were left piled into one cab and went to the beach to watch the sun set. It was really relaxing. We made sandwiches with bananas and nutella (which i tried for the first time and is amazing!) Andrew also brought his banjo and played for a little while. It was really cool to sit and listen to that. All in all, it was a good day.

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