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Turkey 2011

Week Four (Aug. 7 – Aug. 15)

Our last Sunday in Gazipasa, Karina and I worked on some research work in the morning. That afternoon/evening, Dr. Erdogmus took us all to the beach. It was nice relaxing and just floating out in the water. We ate dinner at one of the cafes on the beach. The food was good and the view was even better. The sunset that night was gorgeous. I just wish i had my camera. We just relaxed and laughed a lot that night. All in all, it was a productive and fun day for me.

The work week consisted of tying up some loose ends and finishing up moving blocks. When all was said and done, we moved a grand total of 137 blocks. Some of the blocks we moved this week were really big, so it took some considerable time and delicacy when moving them. By the time the last day rolled around, Cody and I had a big feat to accomplish for the day, and that was going through all the blocks and quickly assessing them for common faults such as algae, lichen, and a mysterious white residue that we are not sure what it is. Before i could start that task, i had to take several pictures of the blocks we had moved that week. We finished our task and by the time i was done, my brain was fried. But, i definitely felt like i accomplished a lot. I was a little bummed walking away from the site that day, knowing that we wouldn’t be back the next week. But, i was also kinda glad because that meant i would be home soon. By that time, i was craving American food and missing my friends and family.

That Friday we left for Antalya for the weekend and for our first flight home. The drive to Antalya was fun and kinda relaxing. I’m not sure it was for Dr. Erdogmus since she was driving, but, i applaud her for getting me, her, and Karina there in one piece. (driving in Turkey is insane)

Saturday and Sunday consisted of relaxing and enjoying the last few days in Turkey that we had. We all finished up our souvenir shopping. Dr. Erdogmus put us up in hotels that were in the old part of Antalya. And, i must say, old Antalya is pretty cool. It was cool seeing streets that were just wide enough to fit a car down. All of the shops along the streets were pretty cool too. During the day Saturday, Karina happened to run into the other group of people we had been on site with, so we went out with them that night. It was fun and we definitely have some stories from that night. I will miss the group of people that we had with us. They were entertaining and fun to say the least. Most of Sunday was just relaxing and finishing up packing.

Our travel day on Monday could have been better, but i think it could have been worse too. Turkish security was tighter than US security, so i had to check a small duffel bag that had all the equipment I had to bring with me in it. I was a little worried for the safety of that bag to say the least. But, it is what it is. The worst part of the day was when we got to JFK international. We found out that the east coast had bad weather that day and our flight had been delayed by an hour and 20 minutes. That meant that we couldn’t catch our flight from Minneapolis to Omaha. So, we had to stay in Minneapolis Monday night and didn’t get home till Tuesday morning. But, we eventually got home, safe and sound, and with all of our luggage (thank God!!).

All in all, this trip was amazing. I wouldn’t trade the experience and the memories for anything. I learned a lot and enjoyed my first time abroad. The food was delicious (stuffed green peppers, i miss you already!), the sites were amazing, and the company was fun. Was i glad to get home? Yeah. Would i do it again? Absolutely.

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