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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Course Objectives

ELEC 121: Introduction to Electrical Engineering I

For students to:

  • Become familiar with Department of Electrical Engineering and the College of Engineering, resources, and the curricular structure
  • Be exposed to the breadth of electrical engineering in at least two of the following areas: power and energy systems, biomedical engineering and bioinformatics, and communications and signal processing
  • Be able to manipulate complex numbers in Cartesian and exponential forms
  • Become familiar with electrical quantities such as current, voltage, resistance, power, and frequency in simple DC and AC resistive circuits
  • Understand matrix terminologies and be able to manipulate matrices (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
  • Be exposed to and learn how to manipulate sampled signals and, more generally, discrete signals and systems
  • Become familiar with complex phasors and their relationship to sinusoidal signals