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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Course Objectives

ELEC 317: Electrical Engineering Laboratory II

The objectives for this course are for the students to:

  • Design, order and populate a Printed Circuit Board (PCB);
  • Construct and test a transmitter and receiver pair using some modulation format (PWM, QAM, FM, PPM, etc.);
  • Demonstrate knowledge of frequency response by building and testing a simple linear amplifier;
  • Analyze systems containing varying-length electromagnetic transmission lines;
  • Construct and test a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL);
  • Construct and test systems that include transformers;
  • Conduct open-ended design experiments chosen from a range of Electrical Engineering areas;
  • Work on teams, keep laboratory notebooks, write design project reports, and give oral presentations of their design projects; and describe any standards used in their projects and discuss how their engineering designs impact society.