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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Course Objectives

ELEC 494: Electrical Engineering Senior Design I

For the students to learn:

  • electrical engineering design by engaging in significant and realistic design, construction. and testing experiences
  • to set up appropriate test and measurement procedures, including specification of the test equipment
  • to keep laboratory notebooks and records that will hold up in legal contests and ensure repeatability of test results
  • effective oral and written communication skills and apply these in the context of their design experience
  • how to function effectively in a multidisciplinary team environment
  • basic planning, scheduling and budgeting skills
  • some fundamental concepts from engineering economics
  • how to incorporate realistic constraints and engineering standards into their design experience including most of the following: economic, environmental, sustainability, manufacturability, ethical, health and safety, social, and political
  • an appreciation of and an ability to engage in lifelong learning by:
    • experiencing engineering and science outside of the university setting
    • recognizing the need for just-in-time learning in completing their design projects