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Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering


The time necessary to complete our Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering varies greatly, but three to four years beyond the M.S. degree is typical. A Ph.D. supervisory committee, in consultation with the student, arranges an appropriate program of study for completion of the doctoral requirements.

  • A minimum of 90 graduate credit hours (including transfer hours from an approved M.S. degree) beyond the B.S. degree is required for a doctoral degree.
  • At least 45 hours must be completed at UNL, and 27 credit hours must be completed within 18 consecutive months to satisfy the Ph.D. residency requirement.
  • The university's language and research tool requirements are waived by the EE Department.
  • After graduate course work has been substantially completed, the doctoral student must pass a written comprehensive examination administered by the supervisory committee.
  • In addition to graduate course work, doctoral students must complete a written Ph.D. dissertation with an oral presentation and defense. The dissertation topic must be approved by the supervisory committee and the Graduate Committee Chair. The dissertation itself should reveal a capacity to perform independent research and should represent a significant advancement of knowledge.

Doctoral Qualifying Exam

The Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Qualifying Exam is offered only during the Fall and Spring semesters.

UNL Office of Graduate Studies

For more information, visit the UNL Office of Graduate Studies.