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Electrical Engineering

Graduate Program: EE Teaching Assignments

In order to study for any of the qualifying Ph.D. examination in the Electrical Engineering Department, it is necessary to become familiar with the specific topics and relevant books. The following tables provide the professors' names who have recently taught the courses related to the various areas. It is recommended to meet with the appropriate faculty in order to help prepare for the examination.

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Courses:

  1. Communication Systems (ELEC 462/464): Perez, Palmer, Sayood
  2. Digital Signal Processing (ELEC 304/463): Snyder, Palmer, Hoffman
  3. Control Theory (ELEC 444/451): Varner, Nelson, Boye
  4. Electronic Circuits (ELEC 316(circuits)/361): Dillon, Williams, Balkir, Snyder
  5. Digital System Design (ELEC 370/476): Vakilzadian
  6. Electromagnetics (ELEC 306/467): Bahar, Alexander, Narayanan
  7. Materials and Devices (ELEC 316(materials)/421): Dillon, Snyder
  8. Power Systems (ELEC 438/406): Asgarpoor
  9. Optics (ELEC 480/486): Woollman, Alexander