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Electrical Engineering

Major in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering at Work

Electrical engineers make many remarkable contributions to our world. Electrical engineers helped invent the computer, satellite communications, cellular phones, microchips and solar panels! Life-saving medical equipment, consumer electronics such as Blu-ray disc players, cellular phones, MP3 players, high definition television and displays, and computers, as well as aircraft, space vehicles, automobiles, home appliances, and computer games, are a small sampling of life’s everyday aspects made possible by electrical engineers.

Opportunities for Electrical Engineering Majors
  • Electrical Engineering (EE) offers more elective options than any other engineering degree (27 credit hours)
  • Nebraska’s EE students readily secure undergraduate research opportunities to work with faculty and graduate students
  • We offer a renewable energy concentration
  • Our Electrical Engineering B.S. degree can lead you to advanced degrees in medicine, biomedical and law
  • Our program equips students for valuable careers in a growing industry
  • We offer both a Research Option and a Business Option you can use for up to six credit hours of your 15 credit hours of technical electives. The Research Option provides research experiences and offers you opportunities to work with a faculty adviser on a specific research topic. The Business Option allows you to take courses in management or engineering economy if they are more in line with later career goals.
Internships and Co-ops in Electrical Engineering

Our students are highly active in industry internships and co-ops, which provide hands-on experience in engineering as well as valuable networking and career connections. Read more about recent co-ops for our Nebraska Engineering students.

Career Opportunities for Electrical Engineering graduates
  • Aerospace
  • Bioengineering
  • Computers
  • Renewable Energy and Electric Power
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation, including Automotive and Public Transportation
  • Semiconductors
  • Services and other professions
  • Manufacturing
  • Education and Research


ABOVE: EE students worked on their senior project for the college's annual E-Week in April. Their project, "The R.I.P." -- a Rideable Inverted Pendulum -- was recognized as one of E-Week's top design projects in 2012.

BELOW: The R.I.P. in action


EE senior Alexandra Toftul demonstrated the "Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil," presented during E-Week 2012. She and her teammates created a musical Tesla Coil to provide superior control over audio production.

Students interested in Electrical Engineering should: