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Electrical Engineering

Undergraduates: Graduation Requirements

9.1 Senior Check
Students should file for a Senior Check at least one or two semesters prior to graduation. Electrical engineering students must go through a senior check process that, in a sense, provides a guarantee that successful completion of a specific set of classes being taken and to be taken will lead to the degree. This should be done while there is still time to make adjustments for the last one or two semesters, should adjustments be needed. Students must fill out the form (Appendix E) and return it to their assigned advisor.

Early in the semester of graduation, students should file for the degree. This requires a $25 non-refundable fee. Watch carefully for the deadline! Make certain ALL fines, fees, and other expenses are paid.

9.2 Requirements for Graduation with Distinction or High Distinction
The requirements for graduation with distinction and high distinction are currently based on GPA, with the GPA requirements set on a year-by-year basis by a College of Engineering and Technology committee. There are no forms to fill out for this -- the department committee representative will see that you receive appropriate credit. As of July 2002, Dr. Michael Hoffman chairs the Scholarship and Honors Committee in the Electrical Engineering Department.

The requirements for graduation with highest distinction are set by the department. Our requirements state that an electrical engineering student will be eligible for graduation with highest distinction when he or she meets the following conditions:

  1. The student must be eligible for Graduate with High Distinction and
  2. One of the following conditions is met:
    • The student achieves a grade point average of 4.000, or
    • The student writes an honors thesis deemed to be of such a quality to merit Highest Distinction by the Department of Electrical Engineering representative to the College of Engineering and Technology's Graduate with Distinction Committee and a committee of at least two other Electrical Engineering faculty members the representative selects for this purpose, or
    • The student demonstrates that Highest Distinction is warranted by voluntarily donating time to charitable or UNL causes and by serving as an officer in a major student organization, or
    • The student serves as an officer in at least two major student organizations.
If you wish to graduate with highest distinction, please contact the Chairman of the Scholarship and Honors Committee in the Electrical Engineering Department so that we can confirm your eligibility and forward the information to the College of Engineering and Technology committee