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Electrical Engineering

Undergraduates: Undergraduate Program

Electrical engineering is primarily concerned with the production, transmission, and utilization of electrical energy and the transmission and processing of information. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad education in fundamental principles and laboratory applications and an awareness of the socioeconomic impact of technology. Technical electives are normally selected from advanced courses in electrical engineering to provide for specialization in selected areas. However, technical electives can also be selected from courses offered by other departments of the College of Engineering or from appropriate physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biological sciences courses.

Employment opportunities for electrical engineers cover a wide spectrum of activities, including design, development, research, sales, and management. These activities are carried on in industrial organizations, public and private utilities, the communications and computer industry, governmental and educational institutions, and consulting engineering firms.

The objective of the undergraduate program in electrical engineering is to enable students to be productive electrical engineers and active, contributing citizens of the nation and the world.


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