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Electrical Engineering

Undergraduates: Registration


Each student is assigned to an advisor in the Department. Advisors in the Department of Electrical Engineering can assist students with all aspects of their undergraduate degree including course selection and academic planning. You are strongly encouraged to visit with your advisor at least once a semester. Currently there are three undergraduate advisors in the department: Drs. Asgarpoor, Hoffman, and Varner. Every student in the department has been assigned an advisor. To find out who yours is, please contact the department secretary.

Priority Registration
Student priority for entrance into classes for which demand exceeds available class space will be based on accumulative GPA. This priority will be applied at the end of registration (when applicable).

Drop/Add Consideration
Students who want to add a course or change a section of a course after the published date for 100% tuition refund must have the instructor of each course they want to add to their schedule sign the Drop/Add form. At this time in the semester students cannot add a course to their schedule using the Wam page. The form is also used when students want to add a course that is closed. In either situation the instructor (s) must sign the form in the designated column and then the student must have the College of Engineering Dean or Advising office sign the form (College Approval signature line). Once the student has obtained all required signatures they must submit the completed form to the Registration and Records Office (Canfield 107) to add the course(s) to their semester schedule.

Override Authorization
There are three types of override. Students must fill out the "Override Authorization Form". This form must be processed at Registration and Records, 107 Canfield Administration Building.

This form has multiple purposes:

1. Maximum Credit Override:
Advisers must complete this form when students want to take more hours than their college allows. Each college has established a maximum number of credit hours they will normally allow a student to take during a given term.

3 Week*
8 Week*
1st 5 Week*
2nd 5 Week*







2. Course Credit Hour Override:
Advisers must complete this section when students request to take a course for more hours than which it is scheduled.

3. Grade Type Override:
Advisers must complete this section when students want to take a course for the opposite grade type restriction than what is published in the Schedule of Classes (i.e. student wants to take a course P/N but the department has designated the course as offered for a grade only).