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Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Grade Point Requirements

A grade point average for all undergraduate work must be a 3.00/4.00 point or greater to be admitted with full standing. Those below a 3.00 GPA or with deficiencies will be evaluated on an individual basis, and, if admitted, will be placed on provisional standing until proof of graduate level work has been demonstrated. No course work used in the M.S.E. program can be taken Pass/Fail. That includes prerequisite requirements.

Prerequisite Requirements

To enter the Manufacturing Systems Engineering program the following minimum entrance requirements, or the equivalent in the areas of mathematics and statistics, engineering science, and general engineering, are required: Mathematics and Statistics:
  • Analytical Geometry and Calculus III
  • Differential Equations
  • Introductory Statistics (Calculus-based)
  • Matrix Algebra

Engineering Science (minimum of 4 courses) for those with a Non-Engineering Degree:

  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Electrical Engineering

General Engineering:

  • IMSE 428 or
  • MECH 350 or
  • ELEC 444

Masters program requirements:

Program Core Course Offerings

A student must complete a major from the following core courses with work in at least three of the cooperating departments:
  • IMSE 822 - Applied Statistical Analysis (Experimental Design)
  • IMSE 870 - Theory and Practice of Material Processing
  • IMSE 875 - Manufacturing Systems
  • IMSE 876 - Computers in Manufacturing
  • IMSE 877/ME 853 - Robotics: Kinematics and Design
  • IMSE 921 - Quality Control II (Reliability)
  • IMSE 975 - Industrial Automation
  • MECH 850 - Mechanical Engineering Design Control Systems
  • METE 855/875 - Applied Physical Metallurgy and Design
  • ELEC 851 - Modern Control Systems Analysis
  • ELEC 878 - Microprocessors Applications
  • MNGT 931 - Resource Planning and Control

Options for Masters Degree:

The Masters degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering is available under Options I or II of the graduate college.
  1. Option I

    Requires 24 hours of course work and a 6-hour thesis. Of the 24 hours of course work, a major (15 hours) must come from the Manufacturing Systems Engineering core courses. Of the total of 30 hours, at least 8 hours in addition to the thesis must be taken in courses open only to graduate students - 900 level course or 800 level course with no 400 counterpart.

  2. Option II

    Requires 36 hours of course work with a major (18 hours) and a minor. At least 12 hours of work must be taken in courses open only to graduate students.

The major requirements in either plan of study must come from the core courses, and a student must have course work in at least 3 of the participating departments. The minor requirements of at least 9 hours can come from any of the participating departments. Courses listed as core courses but not used to satisfy the major may be used to fulfill the minor requirements.

Thesis Requirements:

Before a student may enroll for thesis hours, he or she must:
  • Select a thesis adviser,
  • Select an acceptable thesis topic, and
  • Present a prospectus of the thesis research area to the supervisory committee for approval.
Thesis format must follow a standard acceptable format. All theses must be defended at an oral examination. It is expected that every thesis be prepared into publishable form within one year of graduation. If this step is not completed within the year, the department has the prerogative to publish the material. Bound copies of the thesis must be presented to the department and adviser either by graduation or within a reasonable time period.


Written Examinations

All M.S. candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the core area if they choose the Option II plan of study by:
  1. Successfully completing course work in the area (grade of "B" or better), and
  2. Passing a written examination in the area.

Oral Examinations

All M.S. candidates may be required to pass an oral examination. Option I candidates must defend the thesis at an oral examination conducted by their supervisory committee. Option II candidates may be required to pass an oral examination conducted by the members of the faculty involved in the Manufacturing Systems Engineering program.

Additional Program Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to those published in the Graduate College Bulletin:
  1. A program of study must be completed before the end of the first semester of classes and be filed with the program chairman.
  2. An adviser will be appointed for every student. This adviser may or may not be the thesis adviser.

Applications are NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED for the following programs:

  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering
  • M.S. in Industrial Engineering
  • M.S. in Manufacturing
  • Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

Graduate students interested in the IMSE area can pursue the university's online Master in Engineering (M.Eng.) degree program.