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Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

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IMSE Graduate Courses - UNL Bulletin

IMSE 805: Analysis of Engineering Management

General concepts and principles of engineering management applied to cases.

IMSE 806: Decision and Risk Analysis

Theory and practice of decision making under uncertainty. Graphical modeling techniques. Influence diagram and decision trees. The value of information. Utility theory foundations, risk preference and multi-attribute decision models. Economic justification of projects.

IMSE 807: Project Management

Project development, role of the project manager, project selection, project planning, budgeting and cost estimation, project scheduling, and project termination.

IMSE 810: Ergonomics

Introduction to the principles of ergonomics. Information processing, human output and control, workplace design and environmental conditions.

IMSE 812: Occupational Safety - A Systems Analysis

Analysis of safety performance, attribution of cost, identification and analysis of accident potential, Fault Tree analysis, Systems safety and reliability.

IMSE 815: Cognitive Ergonomics

Human factors affecting work. Focus on the person: energy requirements, lighting, noise, monotony and fatigue, learning, and simultaneous vs. sequential tasks. Experimental evaluation of concepts.

IMSE 816: Physical Ergonomics

Human performance in work. Focus on human's response to various environmental and task-related variables with emphasis on physical and physiological effects.

IMSE 817: Occupational Safety Hygiene Engineering

Introduction to occupational hygiene engineering with emphasis on work place environmental quality: heat, illumination, noise, and ventilation.

IMSE 821: Applied Statistics and Quality Control

Systematic analysis of processes through the use of statistical analysis, methods, and procedures: statistical process control, sampling, regression, ANOVA, quality control, and design of experiments. Use of software for performing a statistical analysis.

IMSE 822: Industrial Quality Control

Statistical process control and quality assurance techniques in manufacturing include control charts, acceptance sampling, and analyses and design of quality control systems.

IMSE 823: Reliability Engineering

System and component reliability analyses of series, parallel and complex systems. Concepts of reliability, availability, and maintainability in design of systems. Methods of reliability testing and estimation.

IMSE 828: Stochastic Operations Research Models

Techniques for understanding and predicting stochastic system behavior. Topics include: probability, Markov chains, queueing analysis, dynamic programming, and reliability.

IMSE 831: Stochastic Processes

Fundamentals of stochastic processes and their application in modeling production/inventory control, maintenance and manufacturing systems. Markov and semi-Markov chains, Poisson processes, renewal processes, regenerative processes and Markov decision processes.

IMSE 832: Scheduling

The problem of scheduling several tasks over time, including measure of performance, single-machine sequencing, flow shop scheduling, the job shop problem and priority dispatching.

IMSE 840: Discrete Event Simulation Modeling

Development of simulation models of discrete systems. Topics include: model development, Monte Carlo techniques, random number generators, and output analysis.

IMSE 860: Packaging Engineering

Investigation of packaging processes, materials, equipment, and design. Container design, material handling, storage, packaging and environmental regulations, and material selection.

IMSE 861: Radio Frequency Identification

Fundamentals of how radio frequency identification (RFID) components of tag, transponder, and antennae are utilized to create RFID systems. Best practices for implementation of RFID systems in common supply chain operations.

IMSE 870: Theory and Practice of Materials Processing

Theory, practice, and application of conventional machining, forming, and non-traditional machining processes with emphasis on tool life, dynamics of machine tools, and adaptive tools.

IMSE 871: Tool and Die Design

General considerations in tool designing, design of tool and workholding devices, forming machines and presswork tools, application of computer graphics and finite element techniques, and prediction of tool paths in CNC machines.

IMSE 875: Manufacturing Systems I

Principles of automated production lines, analysis of transfer lines, group technology, flexible manufacturing systems, just-in-time, and optimization strategies for discrete parts manufacturing.

IMSE 876: Manufacturing Information Systems

Information systems and their impact on a manufacturing environment. Software, hardware, database systems, enterprise resource planning, networking and the Internet.

IMSE 877: Robotics

Basic robotics technology, application in manufacturing, manipulators and mechanical design, programming languages, intelligence, and control.

IMSE 881: Supply Chain Optimization

Concepts of the economic and service trade-offs in supply chain and logistics management. Using decision support system (DSS) to design optimal logistics network model with given requirements and operational parameters using leading software packages to model problems arising in strategic management of logistics networks.

IMSE 882: Material Planning in Logistic Systems

Theory, practice and application of inventory, demand and supply planning techniques in multistage environments. Managing economies of scale, uncertainties, capacity constraints, and product availability in a supply chain. Integrated planning, supply chain coordination and technology enablers.

IMSE 883: Logistics in the Supply Chain

Process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Domestic transportation systems, distribution centers and warehousing, international logistics, logistics systems controls and re-engineering logistics systems.

IMSE 898: Laboratory Investigation

Investigation and written report of research into a specific problem in any area of industrial or management systems engineering.

IMSE 899: Master's Thesis

IMSE 901: Total Quality Management Using Six Sigma Techniques

Introduction to advanced topics in Engineering Management and the foundations of Total Quality Management (TQM). Costs of quality, statistical tools, initiating change, advanced topics, and TQM in practice. Using DMAIC, DFSS, and COPQ along with the other industry-accepted Six Sigma Quality Techniques.

IMSE 905: Analysis of Engineering Management II

Continuation of concepts and principles of engineering management applied to production cases.

IMSE 906: Financial Engineering

Applications of principle and financial economics in industrial and systems engineering. Term structure of interest, capital asset pricing and other capital allocation models. Evaluation of real-options using binomial lattice, Black-Scholes and other pricing models.

IMSE 914: Physiological Aspects of Ergonomics

A lecture and laboratory study of physiological factors affecting human performance during work. Course topics will include evaluation and testing of physical work capacity, applied work physiology, and factors affecting work performance in stress producing environments.

IMSE 915: Biomechanics

Introduction and historical developments, theoretical fundamentals of the mechanics of the body. The link system of the body and kinematic aspects of extremity joints. Biomechanics of human motion.

IMSE 916: Biotechnology

Focus on man in system; man-man and man-machine communication. Design and arrangement of controls and displays. Experimental evaluation concepts.

IMSE 919: Determinants of Occupational Performance

The focus is on the individual in the industrial working environment. Emphasis on the evaluation of fatigue, training, shift work, perception, vigilance, and work-rest scheduling as they relate to the working environment.

IMSE 922: Quality Engineering: Use of Experimental Design and Other Techniques

Extension of industrial quality control methods and techniques. Off-line and online quality control methods. Development of quality at the design stage through planned experiments and analyses. Experimental design methods include factorial, 2k, 3k, and factional factorials designs. Includes applied project in design of quality.

IMSE 923: Manufacturing and Dynamic Systems Modeling

Difference and differential equation models directly from series of observed data. Underlying system analysis including impulse response, stability, and feedback interpretation. Forecasting and accuracy of forecasts. Periodic and exponential trends in seasonal series. Modeling two series simultaneously. Minimum mean squared error control and forecasting by leading indicators. Illustrative applications to real life data in science and engineering.

IMSE 970: Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Theory, practice, and technology of advanced manufacturing processes, with emphasis on process mechanism, surface integrity, tool and machine design, adaptive control and expert systems.

IMSE 975: Manufacturing Systems II

Concepts and models of programmable automation and materials handling systems, use of intelligence for shop floor control, design and analysis of flexible manufacturing systems.

IMSE 984: Advanced Simulation Modeling

Philosophy, principles and methodology for discrete-event simulation modeling. Use of simulation in the planning of manufacturing and service systems. Simulation modeling perspectives and languages, variance reduction techniques, model verification and validation, and output analysis.

IMSE 991: Seminar

Presentation and discussion of current topics in the field of industrial engineering.

IMSE 996: Advanced Topics in Industrial Engineering

Current topics in major areas of study with the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering that are pertinent to IMSE graduate students in the areas of:
  1. Engineering Management
  2. Human Factors Engineering
  3. Manufacturing Engineering
  4. Operations Research

IMSE 998: Advanced Laboratory Investigation

Semester projects involving research into a specific problem in industrial or management systems engineering.

IMSE 999: Doctoral Dissertation

Applications are NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED for the following programs:

  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering
  • M.S. in Industrial Engineering
  • M.S. in Manufacturing
  • Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

Graduate students interested in the IMSE area can pursue the university's online Master in Engineering (M.Eng.) degree program.