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Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students: Courses

IMSE 050: Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Overview of industrial engineering areas: industrial engineering history, job functions, career paths, and future industry trends

IMSE 201: Technology and Society

Understanding technology and its impact on society. This course is primarily intended for students majoring in areas other than engineering and science.

IMSE 206: Engineering Economy

An introduction to methods of economic comparisons of engineering alternatives: time value of money, depreciation, taxes, concepts of accounting, and activity-based costing

IMSE 250: Introduction to Industrial Systems

An introduction to the theory and methods to design and analyze systems. Topics include: problem identification, description, modeling, information systems, solution and implementation, project management, presentation techniques, report writing, work design and measurement, and work measurement techniques. The course requires a team-based applied project.

IMSE 275: Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

Introduction to manufacturing history and an overview of manufacturing technologies and future trends (e.g., product design, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, computer manufacturing, metal forming and machining, plastic injection molding, micro-machining, and biotechnology in manufacturing).

IMSE 302: Engineering Sales

Intensive analysis of the specialized problems of engineering organization and the management of technical manpower. Design of procedures for the control of engineering projects and assignment of engineering manpower.

IMSE 305: Introduction to Engineering Management

An introduction to engineers transitioning into management: engineering managerial functions; planning and organizing technical activities; motivation of individuals and groups; team building; leadership; power and influence; decision making; communications; conflict resolution, and project management using a software package

IMSE 315: Introduction to Ergonomics

Analysis and design of work systems considering human capabilities and limitations, human anatomy and physiology, interacting with physical environment, and occupational safety and health. Core topics include an overview of physical ergonomics, safety, hygiene, and cognitive ergonomics.

IMSE 321: Engineering Statistics and Data Analysis

An applications-oriented course using statistical software for formulating and solving engineering statistical problems. Topics include: descriptive statistics, probability distributions, variability, sampling, confidence intervals, tests of significance, and design of experiments.

IMSE 328: Deterministic Operations Research Models

Application of deterministic operations research techniques: linear programming, transportation problems, assignment problems, and integer programming. The course focus is on model formulation and problem solving using a computer package.

IMSE 334: Production and Operations Management

Introduction to production system concepts (e.g., JIT, Kanban, MRP, CONWIP); operational strategies; capacity planning; supply chain management; and scheduling of parts, jobs, and personnel.

IMSE 375: Manufacturing Engineering

Basic principles of computer-aided manufacturing and technologies impacting the product development cycle. Potential topics include: software and hardware of numerical control machines, robotics, computer control of manufacturing processes and systems, rapid prototyping, solid modeling. A key component of the course is a design project.

IMSE 399: Undergraduate Research

An engineering design of laboratory investigation that an undergraduate is qualified to take

IMSE 401: Engineering Law

Introduction to jurisprudence, civil procedure, contract, product liability, employment, real property, intellectual property, alternate dispute resolution, and other fields of law relevant to the engineering profession

IMSE 405: Analysis of Engineering Management

General concepts and principles of engineering management applied to cases

IMSE 406: Engineering Economy II

Extension of basic concepts of engineering economy and managerial economics to decision making under risk and uncertainty

IMSE 412: Occupational Safety - A Systems Analysis

Analysis of safety performance, attribution of cost, identification and analysis of accident potential, Fault Tree analysis, systems safety and reliability

IMSE 415: Cognitive Ergonomics

Human factors affecting work. Focus on the person: energy requirements, lighting, noise, monotony and fatigue, learning, and simultaneous vs. sequential tasks. Experimental evaluation of concepts.

IMSE 416. Physical Ergonomics

Human performance in work. Focus on human's response to various environmental and task-related variables with emphasis on physical and physiological effects.

IMSE 417. Occupational Safety Hygiene Engineering

Introduction to occupational hygiene engineering with emphasis on work place environmental quality: heat, illumination, noise, and ventilation

IMSE 421: Applied Statistics and Quality Control

Systematic analysis of processes through the use of statistical analysis, methods, and procedures: statistical process control, sampling, regression, ANOVA, quality control, and design of experiments. Use of software for performing a statistical analysis.

IMSE 422: Industrial Quality Control

Statistical process control and quality assurance techniques in manufacturing include control charts, acceptance sampling, and analyses and design of quality control systems.

IMSE 428: Stochastic Operations Research Models

Techniques for understanding and predicting stochastic system behavior. Topics include: probability, Markov chains, queueing analysis, dynamic programming, and reliability.

IMSE 429: Applied Linear Models in Operations Research

Formulation and modeling of industrial problems by linear optimization techniques including: linear programming, integer programming, transportation and assignment models, and network flow models. Use of algorithm-oriented solution procedures.

IMSE 430: Stochastic and Nonlinear Models in Operations Research

Formulation and modeling industrial problems using nonlinear and stochastic techniques including: nonlinear and dynamic programming, Markovian decision processes, queueing theory, and reliability theory.

IMSE 434: Facility Planning and Design

Design, analysis, and layout of facilities: queuing, material handling systems, material flow analysis, systematic layout planning, and design of warehouse facilities.

IMSE 440: Discrete Event Simulation Modeling

Development of simulation models of discrete systems. Topics include model development, Monte Carlo techniques, random number generators, and output analysis.

IMSE 450: Senior Engineering Project

Execution of a design project. Integrating concepts of facility design, production planning, workplace design, plant engineering, economic analysis, manufacturing processes and resource allocation.

IMSE 460: Packaging Engineering

Investigation of packaging processes, materials, equipment, and design: container design, material handling, storage, packaging and environmental regulations, and material selection

IMSE 470: Theory and Practice of Materials Processing

Theory, practice, and application of conventional machining, forming, and non-traditional machining processes with emphasis on tool life, dynamics of machine tools, and adaptive tools

IMSE 471: Tool and Die Design

General considerations in tool designing, design of tools and workholding devices, forming machines and presswork tools, application of computer graphics and finite element techniques, and prediction of tool paths in CNC machines

IMSE 475: Manufacturing Systems I

Principles of automated production lines, analysis of transfer lines, group technology, flexible manufacturing systems, just-in-time, and optimization strategies for discrete parts manufacturing

IMSE 476: Computers in Manufacturing

Interfacing issues, data acquisition, A/D-D/A conversions, sensors and sensor-based computing, control systems and adaptive control, and real-time control of mechanical devices.

IMSE 477: Robotics

Basic robotics technology, application in manufacturing, manipulators and mechanical design, programming languages, intelligence, and control

IMSE 483: Production and Inventory Control II

Deterministic and probabilistic inventory models. Introduction to the theory of sequencing and scheduling

IMSE 498: Laboratory Investigation

Investigation and written report of research into a specific problem in any area of industrial or management systems engineering.

IMSE 499H: Honors Thesis

An independent research project conducted under the guidance of a faculty member in the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering. The research should contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. Written thesis and formal presentation are required.