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Formula SAE - Husker Motorsports

Formula SAE


At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, our student organization, Husker Motorsports, challenges students to design and build a formula-style racing car from the ground up. At competitions, our car competes with more than 250 universities internationally. Our goal is to build a race car to be competitive with veteran universities.

The Formula SAE Competition is a design and racing competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. More than 250 universities across the world conceive, design and fabricate a Formula-style vehicle. Formula cars must compete head to head while withstanding the vigorous events such as acceleration, autocross, skid pad, endurance and fuel economy. Cars that have the most horsepower or handle the best are not the only keys to success during the competition. The creation of a Formula car also encompasses sales, manufacturability, cost analysis and safety. Technical presentations also play a part of the judging, with teams compiling and presenting comprehensive design and cost reports.

See us in action at the SAE International 2013 competition in Lincoln! Nebraska Engineering's Formula SAE team (below) includes: Chris Wilson -President, Miles Wynn - Administrative Division Lead, Michael Jolley -Treasurer, Ben Dean - Brakes Division Lead, Royce Hocij - Chassis Division Co-Lead, Chris Padilla - Chassis Division Co-Lead, Lance Schendt - Body Division Lead, Tyson Quinn - Suspension Division Lead, Anthony Hanson - Powertrain Division Co-Lead, Jonah Knepper - Powertrain Division Co-Lead, and Noel Wagner - Marketing Division Lead.

UNL Formula SAE Team 2011

We participated in our first International Formula SAE competition in 2012. The UNL Formula SAE Racing team is a young team and your support is crucial to our success! It would be an honor to have you join us in advancing this team, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and our great state. Donations of any type—cash, tools, materials or machining time—can help ensure the future of Husker Motorsports remains top-notch.

Why sponsor Husker Motorsports? At Husker Motorsports, we not only take great pride in our work ethic and craftsmanship, but also our design and engineering skills. None of this could be possible without sponsors. By sponsoring Husker Motorsports, you will also help local students prepare to enter the workforce. Working on a project with real-world constraints in a team environment is an invaluable learning process for the students involved. Skills acquired from working on the vehicle cannot be taught in a classroom, but only through hands-on engineering. Well-rounded engineers with a solid work ethic have been coming through Husker Motorsports and entering the workforce as leaders for the better part of the last decade, and you can help continue that tradition.

Sponsors will receive logo placement. Any type of donation is welcome; contact the Husker Motorsports officers for details.

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Chris Wilson
Formula SAE Team Leader
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering student

Mailing Address:
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Dept.
UNL W342 Nebraska Hall
P.O. Box 880526
Lincoln, NE 68588-0656

William E. Dick, Lecturer
Mechanical & Materials Engineering University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

Wear us with pride! Contact team reps to buy your UNL Formula SAE t-shirts: in Black or Grey!

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Be a volunteer at the 2013 Formula SAE event in Lincoln, June 19-22, to help with 80 teams / 1,000+ participants!