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Mechanical & Materials Engineering


Tutoring and Instructional Laboratory

Tutors are provided to help students for the following MECH courses. If you need help and the hours listed do not work for you, please see your instructor during office hours or make an appointment. The Tutor Room is located in Room W150A/B, which is inside the M2E Learning Center located on the first (ground) floor of Nebraska Hall, Room W150.

Times: TBA
  • MECH 200 Engineering Thermodynamics
Times: Sun: 6-9pm, Mon-Thur: 3-5pm and 6-9pm
  • MECH 220 Statics
  • MECH 223 Engineering Statics
  • MECH 324 Strength of Materials
  • MECH 325 Mechanics of Elastic Bodies
  • MECH 373 Engineering Dynamics
Times: Mon and Wed: 6-7pm
  • MECH 310 Fluid Mechanics


  • Lab hours (PDF)
  • Instructors will distribute the tutoring schedule, and you can obtain hard copies from the MME departmental office in W342 Nebraska Hall.

The lab will be closed on days that the university is closed for inclement weather or other reasons, such as student holidays.

Our specialized Mechanics Web Site features course notes for Statics, Dynamics and Mechanics of Elastic Bodies, and also includes numerous resource materials in Mathematics.