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Mechanical & Materials Engineering

U.S.-France MEME Program: Academic Requirements

UNL Mechanical Engineering: Ingénierie mécanique

The students in the program will have to complete at least 12 credits of regular coursework in MECH or ENGM at UNL (a total of at least 15 credits, including thesis, must be completed at UNL). At least 7 credits should be graduate-only courses (not including thesis credits). The 12 UNL course credits should include at least one of the following 3-credit courses:

Les étudiants de ce programme auront à obtenir 12 crédits dans le cursus normal du MECH of ENGM de l’UNL (un total de 15 crédits incluant le rapport de stage devra être obtenu à l’UNL). Un minimum de 6 crédits seront pris dans le cursus dit « graduate only ». Ces 12 crédits dans le cursus normal incluront au moins une unité (valeur 3 crédits) parmi les suivantes:

MECH 950 Impact Engineering
MECH 958 Advanced Mechatronics
MECH 810* Viscous Flow I
MECH 922 Conduction Heat Transfer

Other courses which may also count toward the 12-credit requirement include: D’autres unités qui peuvent satisfaire à la condition de 12 crédits incluront:

Systems/Design Emphasis:

Suggested courses:
MECH 844 Intermediate Dynamics of Machinery
MECH 850 Control Systems
MECH 852 Digital Controls
MECH 853 Robotics
MECH 855 Vehicle Dynamics
MECH 856 Dynamics of Internal Combustion Engines
MECH 857 Mechatronic Systems Design
MECH 898 Stress Analysis: Finite Elements
MECH 996 Special Topics: Random Vibrations

Thermal/Fluid Emphasis:

Suggested courses:
MECH 831 Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
MECH 825 Solar Energy Engineering
MECH 820 Heat Transfer
MECH 923 Convection Heat Transfer
MECH 816 Engineering Acoustics
MECH 804 Theory of Combustion

Biomedical Emphasis:

Suggested courses:
MECH 898 Vascular Mechanics
MECH 836 Continuum Biomechanics
MECH 898 Biomedical Device Design

Advanced Materials Engineering Emphasis:

Suggested courses:
METL 865 Applied Physical Metallurgy and Design
METL 866 Material Selection in Mechanical Design
METL 871 Electron Microscopy of Materials
METL 898 Organic Electric Materials and Devices
METL 868 Failure Analysis
METL 869 Physical Materials Systems
METL 962 Imperfections in Crystals

The following courses are offered at UNL but also have similar or equivalent counterparts at UR:
METL 972 Phase Transformation in Materials
METL 862 X-ray Diffraction
METL 872 Thermodynamics of Materials
METL 898 Nanomaterials

With the approval of the graduate chair, up to two relevant courses may be taken from the Engineering Mechanics (ENGM) program, or one relevant course may be taken from another program.

UR Materials: Matériaux à l’UR

The students in the program will complete either the Master 1 or Master 2 in Materials at UR, depending on their interest and specialization. This program is fixed each year and currently includes:

Master year 1: M1

Semester 1: S1 (30 ECTS)

  • Fundamental physicochemical properties of materials (8 ECTS): Physical properties, Physicochemistry of the materials, Properties of interfaces
  • Thermodynamics and phase transformations (8 ECTS): Thermodynamics phase diagram, Transport and diffusion, Application to metal, polymeric alloys, etc.
  • Knowledge and use of materials (7 ECTS): Metals and alloys, Macromolecules, Glassy structures
  • Language Option (7 ECTS): English, French

Semester 2: S2 (30 ECTS)

  • Ageing and protection of industrial materials (10 ECTS): Mechanical behavior, Physicochemical ageing, Surface treatment and protection
  • Industry and production (7 ECTS): Industrial standards, Experiment design, Production, Control, Quality, Environment, Individual Project
  • Laboratory training and company visits (6 ECTS): Laboratory safety, Laboratory practice, Working with materials, Project
  • Language Option (7 ECTS): English, French

Master year 2: M2

Semester 3: S3 (30 ECTS)

  • Methods of material characterization (9 ECTS): Interaction of matter and radiation, Mechanical spectroscopy, Dielectric spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, Thermal analysis, Surface analysis, metrology
  • Practical training in techniques of material characterization (9 ECTS): Nanoscopic analysis, Microscopic analysis, Spectroscopy, Thermal analysis, Non-destructive testing
  • Technological survey (6 ECTS): Technological survey, Management and human relations, Company visits, Conferences
  • Materials (6 ECTS): concrete, natural materials, composites, synthetic materials, metals, ceramics, etc.
  • Language Option (6 ECTS): English, French

Semester 4: S4 (30 ECTS)

  • Practical training (30 ECTS)

A student may petition each program to request a change in the above requirements.

Language requirements:

Students entering the program are expected to be fluent in English at a level that will allow them to take courses and communicate in English.

Students for which English is not their native language when entering UNL will need to provide proof of English proficiency before admission and will be evaluated upon arrival at UNL and might be required to take additional English courses.

Students going from UR to UNL will either take the TOEFL (or equivalent) or obtain a certificate from UR indicating they have successfully completed coursework completely delivered in English.

A student may petition each program to request a change in the above requirements.