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Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Major in Mechanical Engineering

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Are you interested in researching, developing, designing, manufacturing and testing mechanical devices such as tools, engines and machines? How about developing power-producing and power-using devices? The exciting field of mechanical engineering also includes nanotechnology, which involves the creation of high-performance materials and components by integrating atoms and molecules.

Because of their training, mechanical engineers are in demand in practically every type of manufacturing operation as well as in research, academic and governmental organizations. Specific assignments involve research and development, design of equipment or systems, supervision of production, plant engineering, administration, sales engineering, the testing and evaluation of machines and entire plants and teaching. Their educational program also prepares them to address current and future problems in areas such as: energy storage, alternative fuels, waste disposal and management, environmental control, more efficient energy conversion methods and biomedical engineering. The Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department is structured into three major academic areas:

  • thermal-fluid science engineering
  • systems and design engineering
  • materials science engineering

From these three major areas, a student can develop an emphasis area of study by utilizing the various technical elective courses in the major academic areas or an emphasis area could be directed toward studies in aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, robotics, biomedical engineering, computational methods, and others depending upon the technical courses available and the interest of the student.

Highlights of the Mechanical Engineering program

  • The demand for mechanical engineering graduates continues to be high. This broad-based education provides opportunities for employment in small or large companies located in any size town or city.
  • Degrees offered include B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.
  • Faculty expertise falls generally within thermal fluid sciences, systems and design, and materials.
  • Internship and co-op opportunities are available from state, regional, national and international companies.
  • International study and research experiences are also possible.
  • The department offers a wide range of scholarships for students at all levels.

Facilities for Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical and materials engineering program is housed in Nebraska Hall. Our facilities include:

  • Design, modeling, measurements and controls laboratories
  • Materials laboratories
  • Thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer laboratories
  • Graduate student and staff research laboratories
  • Computer laboratories

Career Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering majors are prepared for a variety of industries and careers.

  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Project Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Materials Analyst
  • Combustion Technician
  • Aerodynamics Researcher
  • New Product Developer
  • Instrumentation Designer
  • Control Systems Specialist
Joan Yule at NASA - majoring in Mechanical Engineering

ABOVE: Joan Yule, a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, participated in a co-op at NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas. Her task was to "enhance the digital landscape for their Space Exploration Vehicle," creating a realistic environment to emulate different lunar or martian surfaces. This will help train astronauts for future missions. She also got to take the SEV for a test-drive. Read more about the value of engineering co-ops.


Chad Wright, student in Mechanical Engineering


Chad Wright, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Kingston, Jamaica, earned the NCAA title in the men's discus during the first day of competition at the 2012 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Des Moines, Iowa. He made Husker history with his winning throw of 206-0 (62.79), setting a personal best and moving to second all-time in the Husker record books. Read more at

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