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Do you like to invent new and better ways to make things work? Are you interested in designing and testing machinery, working with nature, or managing natural resources? If you enjoy tackling multiple challenges and solving problems, consider becoming an agricultural engineer.

As one of the nation's top programs, our students benefit from small class sizes and a focus on hands-on applications in and out of the classroom. You'll choose one of our three primary areas of study: machine design, soil and water resources, or sensors and controls.

When you graduate with your Big Ten degree, you will have the opportunity to define your success in varied engineering careers in such areas as testing, product design, consulting, and environment and water-resource management.

FAQs about our program ABET Accreditation-AGEN

Our Mechanical Engineering majors are prepared for a variety of industries and careers.
  • Machine Testing
  • Consulting
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Product Management
  • Equipment Design
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Research
  • Irrigation

Our Mechanical Engineering majors are prepared for a variety of industries and careers.
  • Archer Daniels Midland
  • ConAgra
  • Equipment manufacturers (John Deere, CNH, Caterpillar, ADCO)
  • Behlen
  • USDA
  • Kawasaki
  • U.S. Military

Fountain Wars Team #1 in International Competition

The UNL Fountain Wars team traveled to Montreal for the 2014 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers International meeting, and came with home with first-place bragging rights. 

Fountain Wars is a competition where students must design a fountain to complete a challenge using the necessary PVC pipe, couplers, fittings, valves, nozzles, and pumps to assemble their design. After making a brief, marketing-style promotion, they must construct the entire fountain within 120 minutes.

This year, the teams were challenged to design a fountain capable of balancing a leaking bucket and launching a parachute using only energy originating from a water pump.

Awards are based on scores of the written report, oral presentation, construction, technical tasks and aesthetic display segments of the event

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