Computer & Electronics Engineering

Computer & Electronics Engineering

In the Department of Computer & Electronics Engineering, our primary goal is the successful education and personal growth of all our students. Our department features a freshman retention program designed to maximize the likelihood of success for our students.

Ours is the only program in the country where all freshman students are divided into small groups known as "pods," which meet regularly with a senior student. Each senior pod leader provides ongoing guidance to assist our students in making a successful transition to college. We also have class tutors who can answer technical questions. Our Counseling Assistant "CA" serves as our coordinator and is responsible for the well-being of all our freshman students.

CEENBoTs for Every Student

Students entering our program will be further stimulated by an innovative hands-on educational robot called the CEENBoT, beginning with the first course in the program. The educational robot platform was designed by senior students and incorporates a number of innovative design concepts unique to our program. The CEENBoT is used by our students throughout their program of study and with each course, their robot is augmented.

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