Aemal Khattak

Aemal Khattak

Aemal Khattak
Contact Information:
Lincoln: City Campus
402) 472-8126

Associate Professor
  • Ph.D. (Civil Engineering - Transportation), North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 1999
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation), Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, 1995
  • Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Civil Engineering, N-W.F.P. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan, 1988

Areas of Research and Professional Interest
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Planning and Safety
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Courses Taught


Safety management systems needs assessment ($60,123)
Agency: Nebraska Department of Roads

Rural and suburban high speed multilane roundabouts ($123,650)
Agency: Nebraska Department of Roads

Assessment of freight flow through Nebraska ($300,000)
Agency: Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

Selected Publications

Aemal J. Khattak. Investigation of train warning times and gate violations. Paper accepted for publication in the Transportation Research Records, March 2014 (TRB 14-3318).

Khattak, Aemal J. Gate violations by truck drivers at highway-rail grade crossings. Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, 52(1), 2013 (p 117-128).

Khattak, Aemal J., Miao Gao, and Zheng Luo. The impact of removing centerline barriers from highway-rail grade crossings on drivers’ violations. Journal of Transportation Safety and Security, 4(4), 2012 (p 295-307).

Khattak, Aemal J. and Zheng Luo. Pedestrian and bicyclist violations at highway-rail grade crossings. Transportation Research Record 2250, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2011 (p 76-82).

Khattak, Aemal J. A comparison of driver behavior at highway-railroad crossings in two cities. Transportation Research Record 2122, Washington D.C., 2009 (p 72-77).

McKnight, Gregory A., Aemal J. Khattak, and Ram Bishu. Driver characteristics associated with correct roundabout negotiation. Transportation Research Record 2078, 2008 (p 96-99).

Khattak, Aemal J. and Gregory McKnight. Gate rushing at highway-railroad grade crossings: Drivers' response to a centerline barrier. Transportation Research Record 2056, 2008 (p 104-109).

Khattak, Aemal J. Reducing undesirable motor vehicle driver actions at railroad-highway grade crossings. Transportation Research Record 2030, 2007 (p 54-58).

Khattak, Aemal J. and Huda Shamayleh. Highway safety assessment through geographic information system-based data visualization. ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 19(4), October 2005 (p 407-411).

Khattak, Aemal J. Human fatalities in animal-related highway crashes. Transportation Research Record 1840, 2003 (p 158-166).

Khattak, Aemal J., Shauna L. Hallmark, and Reginald R. Souleyrette. Application of light detection and ranging technology to highway safety. Transportation Research Record 1836, 2003 (p 7-15).

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