Civil - ABET Accreditation

ABET Accreditation

Our Civil Engineering Program: Continual progress in education... Together, our faculty, our students and our Advisory Board have established specific objectives for guiding our educational improvements to prepare our graduates to:

  • APPLY their solid foundation in civil engineering toward the practice, advanced degree education and a broad range of career choices;
  • PERFORM technical analysis or design of a complex system, component or process as acting representatives of governmental agencies, private consulting engineering firms, research organizations or industry;
  • EXPLAIN engineering concepts accurately and effectively to inform technical and non-technical audiences using appropriate verbal, written, virtual and graphical means;
  • APPLY basic project management and business concepts and processes;
  • ENGAGE in lifelong learning to foster technical growth, ethical conduct, and practice of professional communication, teamwork and leadership skills; and
  • OBTAIN licensure in a profession such as civil engineering.

Our Civil Engineering Program is regularly reviewed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Graduation from an ABET accredited program signifies adequate preparation for entry into civil engineering jobs with the qualifications and education necessary to become a licensed professional expanding opportunities for personal advancement. Accreditation assures that our program has met quality standards set by the leading professional organization, the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Undergraduate StudentsUndergraduate Enrollment
(Fall 2013)
Degrees Awarded
Civil Engineering (Lincoln) 251 46
Civil Engineering (Omaha) 213 44
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