Xu Li

Xu Li 

Assistant Professor Xu Li, Ph.D.
Contact Information:
N117 SEC
Lincoln: City Campus
(402) 472-6042
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Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2008
  • M.S., Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2003
  • B.E., Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), 2001

Areas of Research and Professional Interest
  • Fate and transport of emerging contaminants (e.g., hormones, antibiotics, and antibiotic resistance genes) in the environment
  • Environmental biotechnology to remove contaminants (e.g., estrogens, perchlorate, and nitrate) from water
  • Microbial transformation of soil organic carbon in heterogeneous landscapes. 

Selected Publications

  • Tang, Z., X. Li, N. Zhao, R. Li, F. E. Harvey. 2012. Developing a restorable wetland index for the Rainwater Basin Wetlands in South-Central Nebraska: a multi-criteria spatial analysis. Wetlands, 32: 975-984.
  • Li, Z., N. Madayiputhiya, R. Nandakumar, and X. Li. 2012. Proteomic analysis of 17β-estradiol degradation by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Environmental Science and Technology, 46: 5947-5955.
  • Li, Z., B. Dvorak, and X. Li. 2012. Removing 17β-estradiol using a biologically active reactor (BAC) reactor modified from a granular activated carbon (GAC) reactor. Water Research, 46: 2828-2836.
  • Parker, D., J. Gilley, B. Woodbury, K-H. Kim, G. Galvin, S. Bartelt-Hunt, X. Li, and D. Snow. 2012. Odorous VOC emission decay following land application of swine manure slurry. Atmospheric Environment. DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2012.01.001.
  • Li, X., W. Yuen, E. Morgenroth, and L. Raskin. 2012. Backwash intensity and frequency impact the microbial community structure and function in a fixed-bed biofilm reactor. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 96: 815-827.
  • De Long, S., X. Li, J. Brown, L. Raskin, K. Kinney, and M. Kirisits. 2012. Quantification of genes and gene transcripts for microbial perchlorate reduction in fixed-bed bioreactors. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 112: 579-592.
  • Shimada, T., X. Li, J. Zilles, E. Morgenroth, and L. Raskin. 2011. Effects of the antimicrobial tylosin on the microbial community of an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 108: 296-305.
  • Li, X., G. Upadhyaya, W. Yuen, J. Brown, E. Morgenroth, and L. Raskin. 2010. Changes in microbial community structure and function of drinking water treatment bioreactors upon phosphorus addition.Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 76: 7473-7481.
  • Li, X., E. Morgenroth, and L. Raskin. 2008. Quantitative rRNA-targeted solution-based hybridization assay using peptide nucleic acid molecular beacon. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 74: 7297-7305.
  • Choi, Y-C., X. Li, L. Raskin, and E. Morgenroth. 2008. Chemisorption of oxygen onto activated carbon can enhance the stability of biological perchlorate reduction in fixed bed biofilm reactors. Water Research, 42: 3425-3434.
  • Salerno, M., X. Li, and B. Logan. 2007. Adhesion characteristics of two Burkholderia cepacia strains examined using colloid probe microscopy and gradient force analysis. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 59: 46-51.
  • Choi, Y-C., X. Li, L. Raskin, and E. Morgenroth. 2007. Effect of backwashing on perchlorate removal in fixed bed biofilm reactors. Water Research, 41: 1949-1959.
  • Li, X. and B. Logan. 2004. Analysis of bacterial adhesion using a gradient force analysis and colloid probe atomic force microscopy. Langmuir, 20: 8817-8822.
  • Velegol, S., S. Pardi, X. Li, D. Velegol, and B. Logan. 2003. AFM imaging artifacts due to bacterial cell height and AFM tip geometry. Langmuir, 19: 851-857.

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