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Major Grant To Be Announced Thursday

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of Research will announce Thursday that the College of Engineering has received a major transportation grant. Larry Rilett, director of the Mid-America Transportation Center, will oversee the grant. The announcement will be at 3:30 p.m. at the Van Brunt Visitors Center, 13th and Q streets. Faculty, staff, students and friends are encouraged to attend.

"Newbies" Get First Glimpse of College Life

NUBE Camp-Human Knot
At N.U.B.E. camp, students attempt the "human knot," a game in which participants begin by standing in a tight circle. Each person must clasp the hand of someone standing across the circle. The effect is an entanglement of hands and arms, and the group must maneuver itself to untie the knot and form a circle again.

August 18, 2006

More than 50 freshmen and foreign exchange students participated in the college's N.U.B.E. camp Aug. 15-16. Pronounced like "newbie," N.U.B.E. stands for Nebraska Undergraduates Becoming Engineers. The camp was designed to help new students meet their classmates and acclimate to campus before school begins.

The idea originated last year when the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering held a summer retreat for its incoming students. Department Chairperson Bing Chen said it was so well-received that he thought it should be offered to all freshmen.

Upperclassmen led N.U.B.E. participants on a scavenger hunt through the engineering complex before the group went to Camp Calvin Crest near Fremont. Once at camp, they participated in team-building games and recreational activities such as swimming, football, karaoke and card games. The first evening concluded with a campfire.

College officials want the event to become an annual tradition.

"The people here are going to be your closest friends for the rest of your life because of this common bond of participating in something new to the university," Dean David Allen told students. "... Please remember this is a very important changing moment in your lives."

Chen said programs like N.U.B.E. cultivate a sense of unity among students, which is key to an enjoyable college experience. More than 90 percent of the students who participated in last year's retreat stayed at the university-an amazing rate for any program, especially engineering, he said.

Philip O'Brien of Houston said he didn't know what to expect but was glad he attended N.U.B.E.

"Whenever things get tough, I'll have people to turn to," O'Brien said. "Also, I'll have people to just have fun with."

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