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Four Engineering Students and a Bobcat

BobcatFour engineering students and a Bobcat recently came to the aid of a recently widowed parent and her 12 foster children, who needed help tearing out and replacing a badly damaged driveway in Omaha.

This fall, several members of the Student Consortium for Specialty Contractors (SCSC) on the Omaha campus met to discuss some community-service project options.

Due to the nature of the need, the SCSC group agreed to this project and a detailed action plan was initiated, revised, and formalized. In planning, the student group considered many factors such as mutually desirable dates, weather conditions, and student schedules.

The concrete removal project was hampered by the fact that the wire mesh "in" the concrete to provide strength was actually underneath the concrete. According to the students, it was like removing concrete sections from a large piece of heavy duty flypaper.

The following day, several women from a local church helped level the driveway, and the concrete forms were installed for the pour. Two days later, the entire Concrete Lab placed the concrete for the driveway, and the results were outstanding.

True community spirit helped this project's success. The SCSC group planned the project, funding for materials was provided by the widow's church (King of Kings Lutheran Church), and Thrasher Basement Systems provided the heavy equipment and concrete finishing tools. The UNO Concrete Lab performed the actual concrete pour under the direction and supervision of UNL Professor Tom Sires. The project was a win-win situation for all; the family received a new driveway, students and volunteers served their community, and the College of Engineering Concrete Lab students obtained essential hands-on experience.


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