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Congratulations to E-Week 2008 winners!

Whether turning out for dodgeball or teaming up on a senior project, Nebraska Engineering students earned exciting achievements in this year's E-Week events.


Agricultural Engineering

1st Place: Design of the 2008 Quarter Scale Tractor
Will Corman, Roger Hoy, Grant Janousek, Mark Tieszen

Biological Systems Engineering

1st Place: Regaining Surface ECG Signal During Defibrillation Testing
Megan Krause, Rob Corn, Issar Yazhbon
2nd Place: Zien Extraction from DDGS
Laura Podany, Peter Larson, Isaac Mortensen, Ben Carlson
3rd Place: Hydrogel Patch with Physical Guidance for Cardiomyocyte Growth
Andrea Tuma, Erica Levorson, Dipika Singh

Chemical Engineering

1st Place: Process Manufacturing of Hydrogen Peroxide
Cassie McBride, Anita Bowman, Patty Johnson, Carissa Gengenbach
2nd Place: Enzymatic Production of Formaldehyde and Hydrogen Peroxide from Methanol
Wes Navrkal, Tisha Roth, MinJeong Schneider, Chieu Nguyen
3rd Place: Cumene Production
Ashley Tyree, Maja Niksic, Wei Loh, Sara Conrad

Civil Engineering

1st Place: SDP Consulting
John Smith, Jake Deaver, Quinton Patzlaff, Matt Richart, Luke Summers, Joe Troester, Jake Vasa
2nd Place: Adams Street Re-Design by Schurr Solutions, LLC
Nick Stremlau, Josh Bauer, Cale Farquhar, Brandon Smid, Jennifer Schmidt, Ashley Stutzman, Matt Clark
3rd Place: 84th and Adams Design
John Parizek, Kevin Dopp, Michael Kohn, Seth Reddy, Aaron Loeck, Matt Nienaber

Computer and Electronics Engineering

1st Place: Pressure Sensing Signature Pad
David Smith, Matthew Birrell
2nd Place: Robotic Snowblower
Ed Dale, Mark Huebner, Donell Brown
3rd Place: Remote Technician Emulator
Jennifer Stephens, Kyle Hovorka, Drew Rash

Computer Science and Engineering

1st Place: Dancing Robots!
Adam Eck, Daniel Podany, Bradly Paul
2nd Place: Life 'N Touch
Jeremy Muehlbauer, Kyle Dobitz
3rd Place: dorMouse
Erick Lang, BinhAn Ta, David Kim

Electrical Engineering

1st Place: Bikers Assistant
Ben Grummert, Dustin Colwell, Jeff Casey, Chris Ruiz
2nd Place: Mercury Trainer
Brian Irish, Keith Derr, Seth Springer, Jeff Hoover, Nick Rowse
3rd Place: The Car Follower
Abhinav Pandey, Masoud Majhouri Samani, Tanner Sterling, Nikesh Regmi, Stephen Hoffman

Industrial Engineering

1st Place: Patient Flow at Bryan LGH West
Justine Smith, Brad Hilker, At-Suo Nakagawa
2nd Place: Improving Hospital ED Patient Flow
Justin Rousek, Cole Heavican
3rd Place: Duncan Aviation Finishing Shop Facility Planning
Sarah Walz, Kevin Loh, Brad Marshall

Mechanical Engineering

1st Place: Front Suspension for a Mini Sandrail
Amber Ingmire, Brian Husted, Aaron Mulock
2nd Place: Field Goal Kicker
Brent Griffin, Scott Sharp
3rd Place: EZ-Cast
Chris Kohler, Sam Cumper, John Cejka


1st Place: Sarah Schroeder, Cassie McBride & Greg Arthur
2nd Place: Ashley Guinan & Katie Miller


1st place (towers) and overall champion: Deanna Mlnarik
1st place (rockets): James Henderson


1st Place: I'm not your friend, Buddy!
2nd Place: Team Car Ramrod
3rd Place: Team Kirkland


1st Place: We Love Parks
2nd Place: Head-Hunters
3rd Place: The Team to Beat


1st Place: Luke Doane
2nd Place: Matthew Mahlin


1st Place: Ice 9
2nd Place: Annexation of Puerto Rico
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