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Saunders earns UNL Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award

Nebraska Engineering shared the spotlight at the 2010 Graduate Recognition Awards, recognizing the outstanding research and creative accomplishments of UNL graduate students.

Sam Saunders, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in civil engineering, gained an Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award. Saunders studies prions, infectious proteins that cause fatal neurodegenerative diseases and can linger in soils; he calls his work “an intersection of public health, ecology, biochemistry, soil science, and environmental engineering.”

The honor was one of two such awards conferred by UNL's Office of Graduate Studies this year. It was presented by his nominator, Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Ph.D., associate professor of civil engineering with the College of Engineering’s Omaha programs. Saunders and Bartelt-Hunt are pictured below.

Learn more about Saunders’ research here.

Saunders and Bartelt-Hunt