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Nebraska Engineering hosts Open House, April 15

Nebraska Engineering students committed to “Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today,” with project displays and hands-on activities for future engineers: Friday April 15 in Othmer Hall at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus.

The College of Engineering’s Open House also featured Timothy Crockett, senior vice president of HDR, who gave the event's keynote speech. 

The college welcomed the community, especially prospective engineers, to design and build structures to protect an egg in a 40-foot drop. Guests also explored students' work on:

  • ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES: Biological systems engineering students created a microbial fuel cell for use by a student-run, non-profit organization that’s working in Mali, West Africa. Through bacteria’s natural processes, the fuel cell will charge the students’ cell phones.
  • ENERGY CONSERVATION: Computer electronics and engineering students built control systems to better manage home energy consumption.
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT TRANSPORTATION: Civil engineering students designed alternatives for the city of Lincoln’s intersection at 14th and Superior streets.
    Future engineer guests get hands-on with designing protective devices for a 40-foot egg drop off the roof!

For a photo recap of the event, see