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UNL women engineering students lead scouts' STEM session

On February 12, UNL women engineering students helped a Lincoln Brownie troop earn their “Inventor Badges,” and became role models for the girls’ interests in science, technology, engineering and math.

UNL Society of Women Engineers members guided the girls in the lesson to find new ways to solve problems: by looking at what’s needed in a challenge, generating possibilities and focusing on steps to carry out their ideas, then presenting their innovations.

Brownies’ inventions at the event included robot alarm clocks to help the girls remember what to wear and bring each morning for different days’ activities at school. The Brownies also addressed alternative delivery methods to get their lunch to school, if they forget it at home.

Katy Conroy, a UNL junior who majors in Biological Systems Engineering, used her past experience as a counselor at YMCA Camp Kitaki as well as her expertise in problem-solving from engineering studies to lead the session. Her UNL SWE colleagues included: Kristen Cope, Gaby Arellano, Rachel DeFusco, Victoria Fry and Vasudha Sharma.

Troop 20489 leader Danielle Erdley said, “The SWE students did a great job … the (Brownie) girls really enjoyed themselves” with the session.

The national Society of Women Engineers recently announced a partnership with Girl Scouts USA to connect girls with female role models and grow girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math careers.

“We’re excited to see our students serve as role models for the next generation of engineers,” said Carole Wilbeck with the UNL College of Engineering. “We know that the numbers need to grow for women in engineering, and it’s great to work on increasing the numbers of female engineers.”

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