Academic Recovery Coaching - Omaha

Academic Recovery Coaching

The circle interconnected: Build Connections, Define Critical Steps and Develop A Plan The world needs engineers, and we need you to succeed.  However, there will likely be bumps along your path to success. We understand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re falling behind in a class and don’t know how to turn it around, or you’re just overwhelmed to the point that it is impacting your grades, your Academic Recovery Coach can help you. Your coach will emphasize hard work and balance, both of which will be a critical in your path to success as an engineering major.

While Academic Recovery Coaching is mandatory for all first-year students on academic probation, we also offer it as a service to all students who need help. As a result of working with your Academic Recovery Coach, you’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Build a connection with a coach who will acknowledge and support your needs and path
  • Define critical steps needed to improve your academic performance
  • Develop a plan for success that will help you get back on the path to becoming an engineer.
To determine who your academic recovery coach is, call Emili Jones at 402-554-3562.
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