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Engineering: Current Students

NASA Microgravity University: Archives: 2009, Project, Members and Advisors

Our Project:

1. Surface Habitat 1/6g Suitlock Evaluation

The UNL Microgravity Team "PowRED Up" will build and evaluate in lunar gravity (1/6 Earth-g) the floor space and volume required to donn and doff a 2-EVA suit suitlock surface habitat concept, and explore related operational considerations. This project, supporting the Lunar Surface Systems Project Office Surface Habitat Element, is a multi-disciplinary effort involving engineering, architectural, and human factors integration.

2. Flow of Granular Lunar Soil Simulant Through a Hopper

The UNL Microgravity Team "FAST" will build a device to study flow characteristics of lunar soil in the 1/6 gravity of the moon, to serve engineering of lunar outpost facilities. The experiment will involve designing a transparent closed container containing a "V" -shaped hopper with opening. Measuring the rate of flow through the hopper will provide information about the flow characteristics of several different soils to be tested in 1-g and in 1/6 g.


Members and Advisors:


Name: Class: Major: Hometown:
back row, left to right:
Jonathan Hein Senior Mechanical Lincoln, NE
Nicholas Kleinschmit Senior Mechanical Fordyce, NE
Charles Bell Junior Mechanical Omaha, NE
front row, left to right:
Dr. George Gogos (Adviser) Professor Mechanical  
Elena Hoff High School Senior   Lincoln, NE
Brett Schlueter (Leader) Senior Mechanical Hastings, NE
Evan Hilgemann Freshman Mechanical Omaha, NE

Team PowRED Up

Team PowRED Up
Name: Class: Major: Hometown:
Back row, from left to right:
Dr. Carl Nelson (Advisor) Assistant Professor Mechanical  
Andrew Dejka Freshman Mechanical Omaha, NE
Ashley Schmidt Freshman Biological Systems Omaha, NE

Front row, from left to right:
Christopher Burton Junior Mechanical Omaha, NE
Jack Mondry (Leader) Senior Mechanical Grand Forks, ND
Andrew Kelley Senior Mechanical Lincoln, NE


George Gogos
George Gogos
Advisor Team FAST,
Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson
Advisor Team PowRED up,
Assistant Professor

Important Dates

Flight Week: May 30 - June 7, 2014

2014 Contacts