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Engineering: Current Undergraduate Students

Declaring a Minor

A minor in one or more subject areas is possible at UNL and in the College of Engineering (COE). In order to have a minor or more than one minor appear on your transcript at graduation, you must have the minor(s) approved well in advance. A minor does not reduce or alter the existing course or degree requirements for a B.S. degree in any of the College of Engineering programs.

To initiate one or more minor(s), a form must be filled out and approved by several people including yourself. This form is used by the Office of Registration and Records at the time of your senior check and degree audit to insure you have completed all the requirements. Thus, it must be approved by your adviser and the Dean of the College of Engineering and forwarded to the Office of Registration and Records well in advance of graduation.

There are two types of minors at UNL. Plan A minors occur when a single minor is involved, or when a college does not offer an alternative “Plan B” minor. Plan B minors may only be used if dual minors or multiple minors are planned. The COE only has Plan A minors. The College of Arts and Sciences is normally the only college that carries the A and B alternative. Dual or multiple minors do not have to be within a single college. For example, a student could minor in Engineering Mechanics (a Plan A minor in the COE) and in German (a Plan B minor in the College of Arts and Sciences).

Advising for minors is provided by the program offering the minor. You should alert your adviser in engineering as well, so the senior check and Degree Audit requirements are satisfied for both your engineering major and your minor(s).

Declare a Minor form.pdf