Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction

October 21, 2014

Team led by Durham professor helps rebuild north Omaha neighborhood

Durham School professor James Goedert (right) helps his team shingle the roof of a garage in north Omaha on Oct. 5.
A team of about a dozen students from The Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction, led by Professor James Goedert, took part in the annual Step Into Village One work day in north Omaha, helping to put a new roof on a garage.

September 11, 2014

Durham professor Morcous earns educator of year honor

Durham School associate professor Morcous earns PCI Educator of Year honor.

The Charles W. Durham School is one of a kind, it is unique and there is no other school like it. It does a substantially better job of giving young people a well-rounded education in all aspects of construction and design.
Walter Scott, Jr.    Former CEO of Kiewit Corporation and Chairman of Level 3 Communications
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