AE - Undergraduate Degree (Omaha Campus)

The Architectural Engineering (AE) undergraduate program is a four-year program requiring 129 credit hours, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

AE students have the option to specialize in either the design of:

    (1) building structural systems
    (2) building mechanical and acoustical systems, or
    (3) building lighting and electrical systems

The first two years of the AE program are common to all three specializations and include the same math and science courses common to all engineering programs. During the first semester, students take an entry level course focused on the fundamentals of the discipline. This course exposes the students to the materials and systems that make up a modern building. It also offers a preview of the type of work they can expect to do after graduation. This initial preview of AE helps the student decide if this is the right career path to pursue.

In the second semester, AE students begin the first of a four-course sequence of courses related to architecture. These courses familiarize engineering students with the thought and design process of architects and to foster an appreciation of the architectural features of buildings. This exposure is an integral part of the AE curricula as it cultivates creativity and gives AE graduates the aptitude necessary to work effectively with their professional colleagues in architecture.

The intent of the AE program is to develop both breadth and depth. This is accomplished by requiring students to have a comprehensive understanding of all systems that encompass a building while also providing them a specialized education in their chosen specialization. The breadth is provided in the 5th and 6th semesters, with all students taking courses in each of the three areas of specialization. The depth is provided in the 7th and 8th semesters, as the program splits into the three option areas.

The final year of the AE undergraduate program features a one-semester senior design course, within each of the three specializations. The projects in each senior design course require students to demonstrate skill competence by designing systems specifically related to their specialization, building upon a comprehensive knowledge of the AE program.