Construction Engineering - Undergraduate Degree

The Construction Engineering major integrates engineering, construction and management courses. The program prepares individuals to apply scientific and mathematical knowledge, management principles, and business procedures to the planning, design and building of facilities and structures. It differs from construction management major in that a construction engineer gains engineering and design knowledge and is eligible to sit for a Professional Engineer license (PE).

Courses in Construction Engineering focus on the need to specialize in construction's technological and applied aspects. They include instruction in civil engineering, structural principles, material testing and evaluation, project management, computer-assisted design, 3D animation, sustainability and graphic communication.

Skills developed in this major:

  • Problem solving – Engineers are problem solvers; they use technical skills, innovative thought and dedication to search for ways to improve society through enhanced functionality, efficiency and decreased cost.
  • Communications – Our students learn that the best ideas or not necessarily the one that are most technically complex but the ones that are effectively communicated to others.
  • Team building – No construction project can be done alone. Students in the Durham School learn how to work effectively on multidisciplinary teams.

Successful completion of the program results in a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering (B.S.), with a major option in Construction Engineering (CONE). The B.S. Degree in Construction Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Setting of a concrete bridge beam