Transfer Credit and Course Equivalencies

Transitioning from one academic institution to another can be a little confusing. "Will my credits transfer?" "Will I graduate at the same time as my peers?" These are just a few of the questions you might have as you begin to explore transfering to The Durham School.

The transfer criteria for courses is going to be different from one academic institution to another. If you are interested in transfering your credits to our Lincoln campus, then you might find the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Transfer Course Equivealency page below helpful as you plot your journey. However, if you are interested in attending courses on our Omaha campus, then UNO's Transfer Articulation Database might help you get an idea of the credits that might transfer into the program you are interested in.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Christine Warren, our Coordinator of Student Service, with any questions or concerns you might have. You can email Christine at or schedule a meeting with her using our online scheduler. Click here to schedule an appointment with Christine.

UNL Transfer Course Equivalencies

Visit the UNL Transfer Course Equivalencies page to see how the courses you have completed can transfer to UNL.

UNO Transfer Student Homepage

If you are interested in our programs on the Omaha campus, then visit the UNO Transfer Student Homepage to begin plotting your academic journey at The Durham School.