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The Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction

AE Industry Advisory Committee, Emeriti Member

Mo Hosni, Ph.D.

Professor/Department Head, Kansas State University



Mo Hosni is professor and head of the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department at Kansas State University.  He served as director of the Institute for Environmental Research from 1993 until May 2001, when he was appointed interim head of the MNE department.  Mo's area of expertise is thermal and fluid sciences.  He has extensive experience in both experimental and analytical/computational work.  As director of the Institute for Environmental Research, he was responsible for the operation of eight environmental chambers ranging in size from 80 ft2 to 400 ft2.  He incorporated state-of-the-art control systems to achieve various temperature (-10 oF to 140  oF), relative humidity (10% to 95%) and air speed (60 to 200 fpm) conditions in the chambers.  Three of the chambers were designed and built during his tenure at the institute.  With the Institute's recent annual expenditure of approximately $1,000,000, Mo has been responsible for obtaining and successful completion of many research and testing projects from various funding agencies.  He remains actively involved in research projects conducted at the Institute for Environmental Research.  The Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering department has 22 faculty, approximately 500 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students and about $4,000,000 extramural funding.