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The Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction

Alumni Profile

Anayeli Martinez Real

Construction Engineering


What is your current job title?
Commissioning Engineer – Kiewit Building Group

Briefly describe what your job entails.
I Commission buildings as well as perform enhanced project close out.

How did the Durham School prepare you for what you're doing now?
The Durham School taught us to become problem solvers though our engineering and construction classes. The school also taught us the art of public speaking and the importance of responsibility in all aspects of our career field.

The Durham School's mission is to develop the engineer and constructor of the future. What do you think the future will require?
The future will require well rounded engineers and constructors who are not only technology savvy but also great leaders.

How well do you think The Durham School's emphasis on global perspective, entrepreneurship, eco-friendliness and social consciousness will translate to the changing demands facing tomorrow's leaders?
It will be very important as the Durham School focuses on “emphasis on global perspective, entrepreneurship, eco-friendliness and social consciousness” because the way of engineering and constructing is changing. Clients and Architects are becoming environmentally conscious. Therefore, the way we design and construct is changing. For example, the Durham School encouraging internships in countries which are advanced in green design and building will help students better understand where our industry is going.

Anayeli Martinez Real
Anayeli Martinez Real