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The Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction

Alumni Profile

Jacob Kopocis

Construction Management


What is your current job title?
Contract Sales at Control Services, Inc. - Omaha, NE.

Briefly describe what your job entails.
I work with building owners and engineers regarding the design, estimation, and installation of integrated building automation systems, as well as the development of environmental energy solutions.

How did the Durham School prepare you for what you're doing now?
The Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction prepared me for the career field using a broad range of teaching methodologies surrounding the basic concepts of linear construction. This curriculum was paired with construction specialties that each student could choose for a focus during the final year of the program. Personally I was excited to focus on mechanical and electrical concepts, which I feel eased my transition from student to professional. Of course none of this would be possible without the world class teachers I had the opportunity to study under. Their relationships with industry leaders helped me establish a professional network even while I was still a student.
The final piece I truly enjoyed was my involvement with the Durham School student groups. There are several industry sponsored student groups that open doors to areas of exploration that I never knew existed within the construction industry. Whether it was through the challenge of student competitions or relaxed social events, the relationships I made were global. As a result, student groups at the Durham School are recognized and respected nationwide.

The Durham School's mission is to develop the engineer and constructor of the future. What do you think the future will require?
The future will require a professional that can think outside the box, while constantly evolving. The construction industry is witnessing change almost daily. Whether it is new techniques and technologies regarding energy efficiency, new building standards or the latest trend in crew efficiencies, one thing for certain, change is constant.

How well do you think The Durham School's emphasis on global perspective, entrepreneurship, eco-friendliness and social consciousness will translate to the changing demands facing tomorrow's leaders?
The Durham School does a great job of emphasizing each one of these skills and applies them to the student experience. Whether it is through the curriculum, the focus of a student group, or even an internship in Turkey, these characteristics, or pillars of our education in the Durham School, prepare each student to think about the big picture, in terms of the impact we are making today on future generations. This big picture thinking is applied to all my projects, big and small.

Jacob Kopocis
Jacob Kopocis