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Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization

The Durham School is dedicated to research and the development of modeling, simulation, and visualization education.
Research Conducted by Assistant Professor, Changbum Ahn
Image of Assistant Professor, Changbum Ahn
Smart and Sustainable Construction Research Group
The Smart and Sustainable Construction (SSC) Research Group focuses on data-driven techniques and smart-sensing technologies for transforming traditional project delivery processes into integrated sustainable practices. Learn More...

Construction Safety Hazard Detection Through Continuous Monitoring of Construction Workers’ Behavior Using Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks
The goal of this research is thus to provide a continuous and reliable assessment of safety hazards by exploring the application of low-cost wireless sensor networks (WSNs), consisting of wearable inertial measurement units (IMU) and wireless data communication devices, in monitoring construction workers’ behaviors.
Automated Recognition of Construction Equipment Driving Events using a Smartphone as a Multi-sensor Hub
This research, in particular, focuses on the analysis of data from inertial measurement units (IMU) (e.g., three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) embedded in a smartphone, and leverages the effectiveness of the driving event recognition by data fusion with other sensing information from the smartphone (e.g., GPS, cellular data network, video cameras).
Occupant Intervention System to Drive Energy Efficiency in Commercial and Institutional buildings
The goal of this research is thus to develop a system to track temporary occupants’ energy load and provide effective occupant intervention in commercial and institutional building settings.
An Integrated Framework for Estimating, Benchmarking and Monitoring the Environmental Impacts of Construction Operations.
This research aims to establish an integrated management framework that encompasses environmentally conscious planning and environmental performance monitoring in order to facilitate environmentally sustainable construction practices.
Research Conducted by Associate Professor, Zhigang Shen
Image of Associate Professor, Zhigang Shen
Scientific-Based Quantitative Evaluations of Sustainable Building Design and Construction
In this research area, Dr. Shen focuses on scientific-based quantitative evaluations of sustainable building design and construction.
Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization
In this area, Dr. Shen’s research focuses on BIM-based 3D modeling, game and their applications in infrastructure management, engineering education and professional training.