What is the Durham Post?

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Durham Post: Introduction

The Durham Post is a collection of short stories written by Durham School students. Throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters, students taking classes, participating in internships, or traveling nationally or internationally, will be able to share their experiences through the Durham Post. Often times the experiences of our students go undocumented, or are rewritten for official stories, and newsletter postings. These articles can sometimes miss out on the “feel” of the experience as they can get lost during the translation from interview to final story. The goal of the Durham Post is to remove the rewrites in an effort to capture the excitement of the experience. And while big events usually capture the headlines, our students are free to write about what they want as a way to capture the true everyday experiences of a Durham School student.

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SWE Conference 2013 Study Abroad in Italy Rose Quail presenting her Earthquake Engineering Research