James Goedert, Professor

James Goedert


James Godert
email: jgoedert1@unl.edu

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
The Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction

Peter Kiewit Institute 107
Omaha, NE 68182

Phone: 402.554.4047

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Description

James D. Goedert, P.E., teaches predominantly management courses for Construction Systems Technology. His Ph.D. work in the Interdisciplinary Area of Business Administration focused on applying business practices to the construction industry. His teaching is application oriented aimed at providing students with the skills they need not only to be immediately productive upon graduation but also to find long term success in a highly volatile industry. He brings to the classroom years of experience that help students relate theory to practice.

Professional Interests

  • Construction management
  • Construction business management
  • Engineering economics
  • Construction materials