Rebuilding Haiti

Rebuilding Haiti

Through our Rebuilding Haiti initiative, the Durham School partners with multiple organizations to support the design and construction of infrastructure systems and building facilities to improve living conditions in Haiti. The inaugural project under this initiative is the design and construction of a new elementary school.

leadership institute

Leadership Institute

The leadership institute provides students opportunities to shine outside the classroom through mentorship, project leadership, and volunteering.

Global Opportunities

Whether it is taking classes at an international university, exploring the ancient architecture of early Europe or excavating past ruins in Asia, the Global Opportunities initiative provides unique opportunites for you to discover life outside the United States.

Innovative Teaching

Innovative Teaching

The Innovative Teaching initiative takes learning to a new level with the development of computer aided learning tools designed to promote individual learning using self discovery.

Ph.D. Syposium

Ph.D. Symposium

The Ph.D. Symposium gives select Ph.D. candidates an opportunity to share, discuss, and collaborate with fellow peers in architectural engineering and construction programs from around the United States.