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Innovative Teaching

The Innovative Teaching Program has the objective of assisting our faculty in the development and deployment of innovative multimedia tools such as animations, visualizations, simulations, and educational games. Under this initiative, faculty members interact with our in-house multimedia specialist who in turn works with a project team comprised of students from computer science and engineering, art, music, drama, and other areas as necessary to develop these engaging and interactive learning tools. Once developed and faculty approved, the instructional tools will be saved in a web based repository and marketed to other institutions as free instructional resources for faculty and students. All instructional tools will be branded by the University of Nebraska, reinforcing our reputation as a driving force in the development of innovative instructional technologies.

HVAC System Browser

The HVAC System Browser introduces learners to specific units used in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Each system's 3D model provides for self-discovery as users can rotate, zoom and remove the outer components. All systems include specifications unique to each model to provide an overview of options engineers need to consider when designing mechanical systems.

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Vapor Compression Cycle Learning Activity

While the overall concept of the vapor compression cycle is simple to grasp, breaking it down by each stage is quite challenging. This learning activity gives users the chance to assemble the vapor compression cycle on a game board while racing against the clock.

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3D Golden Gate Bridge

Tour a 3D replica of San Franciso's Golden Gate bridge. As an instructor or learner pick from two tour options, the first is a self-guided tour where a simple push of a button will give you an upclose view of the structural component you chose to study. Pick the self-guided tour and go on a first person journey above, belore, around, and through the 3D model. This is a great tool for introduction to structures.

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